Fire sale starting?

Is the fire sale starting already?

I’ve been getting spam mails from Redfin about new postings since the night of election. Quick look tells me there are 200+ properties that got listed in the last 3 days.,max-days-on-market=3d,viewport=37.70546:37.11315:-121.77534:-122.34732,no-outline

Not to mention all the price decreases in SF that happened just today…

Really? I haven’t gotten much at all. Certainly no noticeable uptick in anything.

What’s the price range you’re looking at?

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Given that it takes time to prep, these are presumably houses that people intended to sell before the election, and they waited until after the election to list…

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400k~2M. The lowerbound is just to ignore the ones with income restrictions.

This is what my inbox looks like…

I haven’t noticed this in the neighborhoods I watch. If anything, it seems to me like fewer new listings but a lot of listings sitting stagnant with the holidays approaching.

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Same here, not much noticable in the areas I was watching. Property with attractive price & school goes pending after first open house. And I agree with Terri that it could be flood of listings who were waiting for election to be over and wanted to hit the market before we are too deep into the holiday season.

Time will tell. I have one to sell and one to buy for 2017.

Wow! May be a good time to get a deal in Sunnyvale.

Hope y’all bought at the fire sale…lol

Any purchase is a fire sale purchase if your intention is to hold it for the long haul.

There was no fire, or fire sale…maybe next year…Tough being a bear these days…Patrick, Lexa and other bears are hunkered down in their bunkers praying for a nuclear winter…