First Order Of Biz: No More Permits Needed!


Your girl don’t like waiting at the Planning Dept either…

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So Hillary showed the planning dept who’s boss? Boy! She’s my hero! I am sure @elt1 would appreciate.

Why would they think those pesky rules apply to them? They don’t even follow subpoena instructions. I’m sure they’ll use their standard “I don’t recall” when asked if they got a permit. She doesn’t even remember the training for her security clearance.

It is easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. …We do not need choir boys and girls running for presidency. .personally I dont mind if Hillary bends the rules. .I want a president that is tough son of a bitch…following the rules won’t solve our problems…


Well, only the stupid ones ever get caught…

I support Hillary Clinton on her violation of planning code. We need to invite her to build an unpermitted house in SF or PA.

Rich people do not really need to obtain a permit. They have a lot of money and they won’t cut corners. So there is really a basis for Hillary to avoid time consuming permit process. For poor average people, we should still enforce permitting process to avoid collapsing house to kill poor people. This is for the protection of the the poor people. No one should worry about the building quality of Hillary’s house.

No, I do not support her on her private email server.

Permits were conceived to protect the public 100 years ago…The process has long since morphed into a process to promote special interests and to stop building…The interests of the buildings occupants are of no concern to building officials. .they are only interested in the revenue. …just like traffic cops… $300 just to show up …$3000 for an addition… $30000 to $100000 for the permit for a modest home…obscene amounts for a supposed public service thinly hidden as a spit in the eye of the prop 13 voting public…

And the sinking tower teaches us that having all the permits in the world doesn’t mean your building is safe and sound.

Permits don’t guarantee any public safety. …They just guarantee more bureaucrats, paid to harass us…like traffic cops giving you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt while someone is murdered a block away…Quality construction will be better gaureenteed by having more trade schools and apprenticeship programs…We have a shortage of skilled journeyman not bureaucrats

I can’t stop laughing. What about healthcare? People want single payer, so the government would control the whole thing. They can’t even get building codes right. You want them making your life or death healthcare decisions? Regulation is bad except for the 80,000 pages of it Obama’s administration is implementing each year. I’m sure that’s all good and needed. I guess we’re still a long way from when people stop looking at the government to solve problems and realize it is the problem.

Building officials have been overburdened by liberal politics. …When they come to your house they are required to look for low flow toilets, carbon monoxide detectors, lead paint, asbestos, water heater straps, spark arrestors and a bunch of other legislated nanny state crap that the Democrats have loaded into our lives…So now they charge $300 just to inspect your new $100 garbage disposal…And then go snooping around your house for all the nanny state requirements your helpfull government is shoving down our throats…

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I remember when low flow toilets were first required. I lived in Michigan. Everyone would go to Canada to buy their toilets and bring them back.

Anytime you apply for a permit and inspection, the Gestapo building inspector insists on inspecting your toilets and sinks and making you provide proof they are low flow…Guilty until proven innocent. …violation of the 4th amendment. …Nanny state at its worst…Soon they will be looking for led lights, and a myrad of other special items and have to be checked regularly…Smoke alarms have caused a huge waste of batteries filling land fills…more rules will keep coming…there is a whole industry making big money on these “safety” items…what is next? Safety exit ladders? Sensors to turn off the stove, water flow alarms. …lots of unneeded technology looking to create new markets…


Elt you seriously think smoke detectors are a waste?

Smoke detectors are hard wired with a battery backup in new construction. …belt and suspenders…over kill…Batteries are tossed every year…one hundred million homes with 5 or more per house…500 million batteries in landfills…pretty wasteful…now a huge number of Co detectors required. .Whats next?


My perspective is that we’ve trained a whole generation, probably two or three, to believe that government, at all levels, is the panacea for all of our ills:

Government will set us free.

Have you ever participated in Nextdoor online and observe what your neighbors suggest for every perceived ill?

This whole topic is my biggest fear in life. We’ve moved so far away from liberty and the personal responsibility and accountability that is required, that we will never get it back. It is truly scary.

We’ve become a society of sheep and worship our shepherds believing that they know what is best for us.


Show me the imperical evidence that smoke detectors have been cost and effort effective in saving lives?

Having recently purchased several for my home and, preparing to purchase several more to meet the newest standard of one in every bedroom and hallway, I’ve been reading a lot of literature about them. The manufacturers and the “approved” regulatory boards all herald their life saving qualities and emphasize the improvements that have been made to meet the ever increasing, regulatory demands. But all such statements have been qualitative. Frequently overly optimistic to the point of approaching a direct sales spiel.

Not one has included empirical evidence of the efficacy of the units. Not one has had validated statistical proof. And, God forbid that we actually admit that life isn’t priceless; that there is an actual cost. Although, we do it in our actions every day when we get into an automobile and head out on our roads. We remain in denial.

Do we hear anyone clamoring to ban those pesky autos that kill more than 3,000 of us each day?

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Lo and behold, I had this in my inbox this morning. The fire marshal, can tell me, “without a doubt” that I need a new smoke alarm every ten years. No bias here. It’s so easy to spend other people’s money.

This weekend, we “Fall Back” to pacific Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time. So when you change your clocks, it is a good time to also check out your smoke alarms.

If you have the old style smoke alarms, you should change your batteries. Perhaps most importantly though, you should check to see how old your device is. Did you know that the devices no longer function well when they are older than 10 years old? Changing them every 10 years ensures you and your family are protected in the event of a fire. I can tell you, without a doubt, smoke alarms make a difference. Almost all of the fire fatalities I have seen in my career came when there were no working alarms present.

Your alarm will have a date of manufacture on the back, and that is how you can tell how old the device is. If there is no date, that means the detector is very old, and should be replaced, as it predates the requirement of having the date stamped on it.

So don’t wait, check the date!

For more information, please see

Robert Marshall
Fire Marshall
Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

The new smoke alarms supposedly have ten year life batteries…highly doubtful and cost $30…more money for regulatory leaches…CA alone pays $100m per year for batteries…Another $100m in smoke alarms…to save like 10 lives a year…Mostly Darwin award winners…Society has chosen where to spend its money…meanwhile 3000 Californians die in auto accidents every year…Sprinklers already are required on new construction and major remodels at $30-$50k/house…with almost no proof of efficacy for sfhs systems. .