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The analysis is simple – how much do you value your life? If it costs $200 to buy smoke detectors, and you value your life at $100 million, then you should buy smoke detectors if you have a greater than 0.0002% chance of dying in a fire. The national risk is around 0.001%, but of course your personal risk may be higher or lower (at least higher because you choose not to have a smoke detector).

To determine how much your life is worth in this calculation tell me how much I’d have to pay your family right now to burn you to death.

You can adjust also based on effectiveness of smoke detectors, but I’d guess most people value their life even higher than my above guess. Some depressed people maybe not much and I guess it makes sense for them not to buy a smoke detector

I have no problem with you buying your own smoke alarms…but when the government decides that death by car is less significant than death by having no smoke alarm, I cry foul…Risk aversion is an American trait…but an analysis needs to be made where to put the safety dollar…unlimited resources is a myth…when it is a government mandate then a value on human life has to be part of the analysis. .

I am really enjoying Mexico…no smoke detectors. …sure they have rules but it is more like the US in the 50’s before the Nanny State took over…I blame Ralph Nader…He started the consumer movement with Unsafe at Any speed…a systematic attack on GM…The US has gone to hell ever since. .Sorry but the evil corporations are not as insidious as the government official telling me I am here to help you…Besides smoke detectors have saved very few lives.


Hey @Elt1,

We are booked for a 10 day cruise from the fab 7x7 to Mexico during Christmas next month. Where are you in Mexico? I am hitting four ports if I recall: Puerta Vallarta, Mazantlan, Manzanillo and Cabo San Lucas. Any tips or comments are appreciated! Enjoy!

Been to all except Manzanillo. …try to spend as much time as you can in the water or on the beach…Avoid the shopping. .better deals in the US…I am in Cabo…Try the local food…prices are cheap, even in Cabo which is definitely the most expensive of the four ports…Eat outside al fresco…shrimp and seafood all great…Warm water lobster is overated and overpriced…I am not a fan of cruises, they are usally in port only during the day…too hot to walk around…Just take a cab to the beach or do a day stay at a beach hotel…many only charge $20-50 per day all inclusive for drinks and food…

After going to Alaska from SF, I figured why not head South this time? Granted that was our first cruise, we loved it. We hit the gym in the morning when we were in open sea and since we love food and gambling a cruise ship is perfect. I think what is good about the different ports each day is that you get a taste especially if you have never gone to that general region before at all. If you find a spot particularly enjoyable, then you can come back to that spot (non cruise-wise) and do it right.

Have a great time! Use the sunscreen liberally!!!

I’ll be at Cabo with family during Christmas to New Year too. Should get a drink if you are around!

Ok, based on our itinerary we are in Cabo on December 27th for the day. The crazy thing is, my Malaysian wife is not a swimmer, so we will probably hit the tourist spots and do some eating and shopping I imagine instead of any water activities. Look for a pale Chinese dude with a gal that looks half his age (she ain’t, she ages well), that’ll be me!!! :grin: