First time home buyer - Fremont / Almden Valley/Cambrian ? 1.5M budget


Some kids have special educational needs. I have one that goes to a private because he was exceedingly bored at a regular school. Currently taking Calculus as a middle schooler–very very few places accommodate that. Another one needs something–I don’t know what–he’s not happy where he’s at. Third will be fine anywhere with an accelerated/honors track. Parents can push, but when kids are on the upper end of the spectrum, parents aren’t pushing the kids, but pushing the school and it’s a waste of time and energy with a principal who doesn’t listen.

Other people have kids that need help with dyslexia, or remedial reading, or other issues. Some school districts are better suited than others to meet these kids needs.

I no longer look at schools as “good enough” but I would love to get the right match for my kids to thrive and be happy. No point in spending 8 hours a day being bored and zoned out.


What a fool. That’s why he’s still paying your mortgage instead of having a place of his own.

You start small. Buy a condo or townhouse or whatever. Just get into the game and let appreciation work its magic.


They are not fools. They simply understand that it is their job to raise and educate their kids just as much as their assigned schools. Again, I have nephews and nieces and all come from either ok or great schools. Tell me, which ones are doing better in life??? It ain’t the ones from the better schools…


So, whats the average prediction for % appreciation in SV Bay Area short term - say 5 years from today? :slight_smile:


Is there a difference in how much college they did? I’m finding that to be the real determining factor. Sooner you work, sooner you earn a paycheck, build up savings, and buy a house.

I will discourage my kids from getting unnecessary degrees.


Within 5 years, we’ll probably have a downturn.

Otherwise, thought the average appreciation was 10%


It’s about probability. Are you telling me Harvard grads have less odds of success than community college kids?

Parents with kids in bad schools have to work twice as hard. There are schools where teachers are full time riot police and not teaching anything. Some kids are so disruptive that teachers can’t teach and other kids don’t learn anything. Are we talking about schools like that?


All did the same, Bachelors at best. I find that my sister’s kids who went to Millbrae schools and then UC schools are pretty well rounded and will make it. They have the drive and are used to working side/extra jobs during school. The others had it handed on a platter to them so what does that do to them?


Alright 3 years then…

I’m trying to understand the expected average growth in 3 years then…

On a sidenote

I hope Bay Area companies increase their salaries soon… otherwise with

  1. higher mortgage(with lower deduction)
  2. high CA taxes - with NO SALT tax credit
  3. property tax cap of $10000
  4. Std Deduction of $24K

financially savvy people will (& are already) preferring to work in no income tax states with $24K Std deduction and maximum 65% Bay area home prices with unlimited land to build & reasonable commutes.


Here, now this guy does a commute!!!


Don’t know. Consensus is next 5 will be slower than the last 5. But it doesn’t matter. The sooner you stop paying other people’s mortgages and start paying your own, the better.


Therein lies your problem. 100% hit the nail on the head. It doesn’t have to do with the school they went to.

A kid who works their way through college will have more drive than the one whose parents paid for it. Same college, same degree.




BTW, sfdragonboy, thanks for justifying me asking my kid to start working to pay his tuition when he turns 14 :slight_smile:


“In his early days at Kaiser, he would work six -12-hour shifts in a row and then fly back to Pennsylvania for two weeks. But “that would be kind of brutal. By the sixth day, I was kind of burnt out.””

Yeah! That’s the kind of guy I want taking care of me. By day 6 he’ll be so sleep deprived he won’t know what he’s prescribing and which patient I am. Wonder how many mistakes he made at the end of those weeks.


:slight_smile: :+1:


Warm Springs or Mission in Fremont?


We need someone from Almaden… @john?


Actually wait–did I misread it? He should be beat by day 3, not 6?


You hiring software engineers? Can I work from home part of the time?