First time home buyer - Fremont / Almden Valley/Cambrian ? 1.5M budget


I don’t have any leads personally. LinkedIn might be a good place to start.


Many people have similar beliefs. I would love to see the data to straighten me out. It seems to me the opposite is true. I am talking about percentage gains of course.


Good point. I probably should post that I’m looking there. Most of the BA links I have are software engineers.


If you keep the building intact and no demolition/rebuild, SFH and Th/condo may appreciate the same. But when the building is 150 years old, SFH lot can be worth much much more.


Interesting. I don’t have any data to back it up. I do think you have to regularly put in 5% increases for yourself. Frankly if you work for the same company for years you’ll also end up with only 3-5% increases and the same stagnation if the market is going up faster than 5%.


I will be dead in 150 years. Can’t predict that far into the future.


I predict you won’t care.


If you only care about the time period while you are alive, feel free to buy TH and condos and pay HOAs.

Other hidden cost for TH/condo is the special assessment and HOA cost. SFH is much more cost effective in terms of renovation, repair and maintenance.

Since you have kids, you may also care about how much you’ll pass to them.


Thank you to you people who refused to buy condos and townhouses, mine have been doing exceptionally well. :smile:

Back to the topic, young family definitely should prioritize for commute distance. It will have a HUGE effect on life quality. If that means buying a TH so be it, even if you believe it will appreciates more slowly (it won’t).


Hey, if condos/THs float your boat, go for them. Don’t get mad at me when your kids are mumbling at your gravesite why didn’t you get the SFHs instead…


I like to buy a TH without HOA. Many SF "SFH"s are like that.

HOA is troublesome. We can buy out a condo building and disband the HOA together.


Buy condos in cheap areas. All my east bay condos have appreciated over 100% in 3 years. Their cash flow is also amazing. Laugh all the way to the bank!!!

Reserve your purchasing power for SFHs in expensive neighborhoods… :wink:


Why is that? Why SFR a better bet in expensive places?

Did you compare the appreciation of condo, TH, SFR in east bay over the last 3 years?


Because you want to buy trophy homes in an expensive neighborhood like PA. Can you show off your condo like a trophy?


I see you have achieved FIRE and is gunning for TROPHY.
I am waiting :wink:


I would love to look at the data too :slight_smile:


Waiting on what?


All RE transactions index then SFH transaction index


He has merely reached the FIRE spur and has a long way to climb to the TROPHY peak where I am waiting.


Um… sounds like there will be a mighty fall after the peak is climbed… ok maybe it isn’t a good idea to pursue that trophy… :rofl: