Flexible, liquid real estate investing

A friend of mine just started this startup up. I think they promise you a certain return (5-6%, I am not sure) and the key is that your money is more liquid than traditional real estate. I put a small amount of money in just to check it out, and I like the investment thesis of investing in multi-family, I see a lot of growth in multifamily as everything gets more urban and more people pack into the Bay Area. The idea for me is I will put it here, let it grow and if I need to pull it out for other investments or purchases, I will. I think there are a billion other startups like this, this is just that my friend, who I respect a lot, just joined them.



Looks like a REIT or real estate fund that invest in REIT. The 5-6% is not promised nor guaranteed. It can lose value.

The fund mainly invests in debt. The riskiest type of REIT. I recommend REITS that invest solely in Class A multi family apartments.


this is helpful, thank you!