Folks gaming the housing system and getting caught

People need to keep their noses clean - this is just downright shameful if it is true.


This what happens when government picks winners and losers. The public has been short changed with restrictions and anti growth policies for 50 years.
Every rent controlled tenant has made thousands off of hard working landlords. Where is the justice for them?

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I have evolving views on this. Framing rent control as tenants cheating landlords is a strategy I think that won’t win many hearts and minds.

Lately in some other discussion groups I have discovered what is perhaps a more effective strategy at winning hearts and minds:

rent control is young millenials subsidizing greedy rent control addicted baby boomers

At least in SF - the people that are paying for rent control are the neighbors of the rent controlled unit … and more often than not, those neighbors are younger people, new to the city, who are paying market rates.

Why should young folks, who are just starting their professional lives, be forced to subsidize those entitled rent control addicted oldsters? Shouldn’t society give those youngsters a shot at life instead of crippling them by forcing them to give welfare to the oldsters?

Those oldsters already screwed up social security. Why let them steal yet more from the young with rent control?


Funny. Millienials are hurt the most by rent control. Old boomers that have been milking the system for 40 years benefit. Young people looking currently for rentals are screwed by these old boomers who will stay till they die.

Exactly! Win the hearts and minds of the millenials, and you will win the next generation of voters…

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Millienials are hopeless. If they bothered to vote maybe they have a chance. They should be doing what I did in 1976. Buying old junkers and fixing them up. Wherever they can afford. Take over old run down neighborhoods and create their own utopia.

OMG, no - don’t call the Millenials hopeless. You want the Millenials to recognize that there is a much bigger badder enemy out there than the landlord —- and that enemy is the entitled rent control addicted oldster who is stealing their very future away from them.

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I only want to rent to people over 50. Politics is over for me. Millienials were never even taught to clean their room. Let alone to have any respect for property. Colleges have turned most of them into communists.

Most of my tenants are millenial techies and they are absolutely great. Pay rent on time electronically. Barely use the place since they work hard. Usually you can get them to get repairs done by themselves (get them to arrange with your handyman or the city or whatever). Leave the place pretty much the way they moved in.

Think you have bad experience in Tahoe


Me too, @BA_lurker. I love hardworking Millenials that have been in the workforce for a few years. They are super responsive, polite, and pay on time. I once made the mistake though of renting to Millenials fresh out of college. That was disastrous. Henceforth, I will only rent to Millenials who have been working for a while.

How do you handle electronic payments? I have been loath to do so to avoid “accidentally” taking partial payments in case I ever have to evict for lack of payment. Having a partial check in hand and not cashing it ensures that I can avoid taking partial payment.

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I actually haven’t been too concerned about partial payments. People have payed properly on time in bay area. Fingers crossed, but the only people i have had to evict were in Sacramento

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Wow @aalj and @BA_lurker, you tell 'em! There’s a movement against old seafood :smile:

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I have the body of an old seafood but the mind of a spring chicken. :smile:

That sounds gross. :nauseated_face:. But IIRC you don’t like seafood, which seems to me should be illegal given your background. :octopus::tropical_fish::fish::shrimp::lobster::whale::crab::dolphin:

You are not up to date on Hong Kong slang. :smile:

I knew it. Damn. So out of date. :slight_smile: