Foster City Levee plans

Just to let you folks know that as per the latest FEMA guidelines Foster city will need to upgrade its 8 Mile levee around the bay. The upgrade primarily is about the raising the height of the levee to compensate for expected rise in Ocean level till 2050. After that Foster city will have to upgrade again to FEMA standard 2100.

As per the new layout designs the existing levee will be raised as high as 4 feet in some places. This would impact the views and presentation of existing bay trail which is one big selling point of the city.

The cost is expected to be in range of $80-$100 million depending on the chosen design. Construction expected to start in late 2018 and to be finished by 2020. City has not decided how to finance it but new tax is expected.

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OK, so that reduce the flooding risk.

When I think of Foster City, I always think of liquefaction and earthquake risk. Reclaimed land always screams liquefaction to me. I don’t have any data or if my image is justified.

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When i think of foster city I think of the traffic on 92. drove by 101 everyday and see all these cars jam up.

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Foster City is a pain to get home if you are coming back from work in SF. You will be stuck with all traffic trying to go to East Bay on 101-92 interchange. It is even worse if you are coming from south bay on 101.

Coming from South 101 its pretty bad. A tad better from north but lately it has gone from bad to worse. At peak times in evening (5:00 - 6:00) expect 15 mins to just enter the city once you hit the exit.

At that time a jam in 92 east in the evening chokes the other two entry points to the city. But its just a bad design on entry from 101.

On the liquefaction part you are not alone. A lot of people mention it to me jokingly when I foster city is mentioned. Some seriously believe that a big earthquake will melt the city into bay:). Could be true. City is completely on landfill and I think the east and south side are seriously vulnerable to flooding.

a raised levee would be bad for city looks. Bay trail is a big plus for the city. And if they raise taxes it would not be good. City has already dropped the plans for high school and allotted the land to mix housing use.

Houses along beach park blvd might loose view of the bay

Yes.They stand to lose the most in this.