Fraudulent renting without consent

Hello, I have a very convoluted situation and hoping for some help. Quick backstory: I acquired 50% ownership of my fathers home when he passed away in 2013, my late step mothers 2 daughters each acquired 25% each as tenants in common. It is paid off and I have been in no contact with the step sisters since my dad passed away. Both females are mentally unstable and one has her husband in control of everything. He is a very shady and unethical person with many illegal activities under his belt. For example, he forged my late step mothers names on 3 vehicle titles which were in her name and my late fathers name and literally stole them from my home. The forgery was dates AFTER she passed away. DMV allowed this.
Now, the current situation is, they have been renting out my fathers home without my knowledge for the past 4 years. They refuse to communicate with me, have changed the locks on the home and the house is in complete shambles (I drove by it today). What can I do LEGALLY? I would like to move into the home and begin repairing it for sale. What can I do about the present renter? What can I do about keeping them away? The house cannot be sold the way it is. Many repairs are needed. I just want to be completely I talked to these individuals in any way. Please help me.

You need a lawyer. Personally, they sound like they’d be desperate for money. I’d try to buyout their share at a lowball price. They might jump at the chance to get cash.

Thanks, they don’t want to be bought out, they refuse. They don’t want to sell it. I know a forced sale is coming into the picture but I want to repair and get it up to par otherwise we lose a lot. I honestly do not have the funds for a lawyer, I have 4 kids one of which is in college. I was hoping to see how I can move in and repair as I’m living there with my family.

Is the rental in California? If so, you’d probably need a lawyer just for the eviction.

Thinking out loud: I wonder if you can get the house red-flagged so that no one can live in it… Of course then you are committed to fixing it.

Also, have you submitted the information on the forgery to the police? If he’s stealing cars from you, he probably has other stuff the police could book him on.

And one more thought: Your child can take a year off of school and work instead to free up funds for a lawyer. Pretty easy to apply for a year off–talk to the Dean’s office or the counselling office.

your only strategy is to find any investor that can take upon you half of the lot. And since this is not a problem that comes from an escrow process, you may be not find a cheaper way to negotiate since a mediator in RE charges, cheaply, $150-$250 an hour. You call them, they charge you 1/4 of an hour only to say hello.

Lawyers? You better resign and give the half of the property to them, it’s a losing strategy. Probably 1/3 of the total sale would go the lawyer’s pockets.

Just Google it. Many answers, but few solutions, move in, and face their wrath, sell half of what you own, or plea the other side to sell the entire estate.