Free money Canada

Alright, let’s go there when they fully implemented for everyone

  1. walk across the border, be undocumented get a new identity
  2. don’t work, and get free money, so each person get ~16k
  3. with your other identity , rent out your house in the states, auto deposit in your american bank.
  4. use ATM in canada when you needed cash.

Woo Hooooo…LOL

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Even when I was a kid, I wasn’t given an allowance. I had a list of chores that had to be done to earn it. It amazes me the wide-scale and epic parenting fail that allows adults to feel entitled to an allowance.

This actually makes me bullish on RE investing. Under the current tax code, it’s one of the best ways to avoid claiming income. If UBI and other ideas take off, then tax rates are going to significantly increase for anyone in the top 20%. It’ll be worse the higher up you are.

Socialism has recently been killed in elections. You’d think the appropriate response would be to move more middle, but they are going further left towards communism. They are betting if enough people are promised UBI, then they’ll win elections in a landslide. They already own areas like Detroit where people are heavily dependent on welfare programs. Increase the income limits to get more people on the programs, and it’ll increase the voter base. It amazes me how many people think so little of their own ability to earn a living that they think section 8 and food stamps is their best option.

we have a discussion on rent control in nextdoor neighborhood site.
I see all these renters posting their story(single mom, good renter kicking out 5 times in 5 yrs) all these sad story try to convince people to vote for rent control
I see nowdays instead of trying to improve their living situation by re-education, learning new skill, work harder to get more money , people would just blame it on others. in this case us greedy landlord. They would prefer landlord/tax payer to subsidize every aspect of their lives.
I truely home US is not turning into socialism/communism.

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Free money solves nothing…just drives up pices…Rents will keep going up…Supply is the key…Government is incapable of increasing supply…

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In order to increase supply, government first have to improve the infrastructure. Hm… hasn’t done much in the last 30 yrs…

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Supply can be increased several ways without added infrastructure (what kind do you mean)
Increase height limits, allow 5’ setbacks, get rid of FAR…Reduce fees…Allow more second units…Allow building in the Salt Works…Allow building on San Bruno mountain…Allow for faster approval. Get rid of design review…Get rid of slope density BS…Get rid of daylight plane BS…Basically wipe out all the nimby crap that has been piled on for the last 50 years…

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Traffic congestion/Parking/Water reservoir / public transportation/ stores malls
Everywhere in bay area the traffic/parking is already horrible. My renter told me they used to rent , the worse one they have sometimes they have to walk 10 blocks to find a parking.

They dont have to be linked…But companies need to provde more shuttles…I know traffic is the biggest contributor to nimbyism.
Ironcially restrictions on infill development actually make traffic worse…Allow high densisty in city centers, traffic corridors and allow residential construction in office parks would make traffic better not worse…
Not my problem. …lol…happily retired in Tahoe…just have traffic on some weekends