Fremont City Council Approves Sanctuary City Ordinance

what is its impact on Fremont’s real estate?

Zero impact on Fremont RE.

OMG, and here I am thinking Fremont’s City Council was smarter than Fab 7x7’s Bored Of Stupidvisors… never mind

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How much federal funding does Fremont receive? What does it fund? If that vanishes, will less people want to live there?

Dublin is smarter.


“I don’t support the sanctuary city push in any way,” said Councilman Abe Gupta, prompting the council chambers to erupt in applause.

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Your hundreds if not thousands of immigrants will stay. No losses, no waiting for months to take over an empty apartment if they leave legal relatives there. Otherwise, be prepared.

Only in San Jose, by the mayor’s word of mouth, 80K to 90K businesses are owned by “illegals”. Unless I heard it wrong. Add another 10K-20K businesses anywhere. And then keep going with the count on every city or county.

Anyway, I am in, perhaps I shouldn’t say I don’t care, but I do. We all are going to ge hit by the side effects one way or the other by any deportation of thousands of people. Nurses, doctors, you name it.

Delusion, delusion, delusion.