Fremont: Facebook looking to spend 2.5 billion dollars for bridge

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Would non-employees be allowed to use the bridge? If facebook is funding it, maybe there’d be an employee only express lane?

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That would be interesting. Can they legally do that? They don’t own the land underneath


Reeally… wow…

Dang, does that mean I have to finally open a FB account???

Someone copy the article here so I can read it. :slight_smile:

Dood you need to pay your taxes for Fremont. :slight_smile:

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Through the bridge you will be subject to constant surveillance, biased news and ads.

Can’t read the article. Major media did not report on this.

I guess that the bridge will not be owned by Facebook. They might donate some money to get the project jumpstart and government will take the ownership. It’s a corporate level bribery through donation.

Still it could taken many decades and the budget could explode, I won’t buy houses in Fremont due to the coming bridge train.

Here is the link you can read from Google cache:

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Phase one would include an express lane for buses and carpoolers, as well as a flyover lane to enter directly onto Highway 101.

Securing funding is a necessary first step, but Lieberman said that SamTrans originally hoped to finish phase one by 2020 and construct the railway by sometime between 2025 and 2030.

I think this is what will make huge difference for FB ^^ Express lane for the buses so it can just expand more than what they already have (1M sqft - in 17 buildings) into Fremont. I don’t know the numbers but 1M sqft in Fremont would be much chaper than say Sunnyvale or San Jose? And if they can done by 2020 (Phase 1), that’s huge.


Buy anything and everything in Fremont?? :moneybag:

I think Newark might be more value. I hear a lot of young people wanting to buy in Newark due to all the hip chinese food. And Fremont too, which more adult wanted to buy for school


:+1: excellent Chinese food in newark.

Oh Saigon…it’s okay, but I don’t know about it being hip.

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2030… Come let get this thing approved and built in 5 years.

You’re right. I loved the food though.

I’m confused - Express lane/s will be on current Dumbarton bridge or the defunct Dumbarton Rail bridge?

That seems to be the case.

There is no rail at all. It’s just 1 additional bridges for shuttles and buses. I’m less excited about this now.

Why do they call the defunct bridge Dumobarton “Rail” bridge? Where’s that rail? No commuter rail even mentioned, what a news

Did I not say to buy in Fremont or the Sunset eons ago??? A realtor just called me about my Fremont SFH. I told her what I tell everyone, you find me a fixer or something cool to replace it with and I give you everything to close. She is sending me info on a fixer shortly…