Fremont rental property lease

Hello everyone,

I am planning to rent out my Fremont property for a fixed 9 month lease. I found a tenant who is willing to move in. My concern is, what if the tenant does not vacate at the end of the 9 month lease? I will give them 1 or 2 month notice as needed but is there a law that allows them to continue staying paying the same rent?

You have to talk to them 30 days before deadline and mutually agree a rent and sign up either new lease or month-2-month lease.

If you do not agree, you need to give 30 days notice for them to vacate.

If the tenants stayed more than one year, your notice period is 60 days.

Thanks for the reply. So, you are saying that I do have the option of asking them to leave. I read somewhere that tenants can only be asked to leave under certain conditions (e.g. owner move-in, sale of property).

What you may be referring to are jurisdictions like the Fab 7x7 (San Francisco) where rent control rules the land (so you can’t make tenants leave unless under circumstances like you have mentioned). Fremont does not have rent control, so as long as you give sufficient notice your tenant will have to vacate or be subject to eviction (on your dime of course).


Thanks for the clarification.