From Financial Samurai: Annualized Returns By Asset Class From 1999 – 2018

I am quite surprised by the top 3. Not surprised that home is low since Real Estate is location, location, location, so your investment are tied to the local market vs average across US.


His timeline is off since that period included the real estate bust of the century and two huge stock market collapses. Very biased. Tell him to do it from 1980-2018 and I bet the results are very different.

Since gold outperformed stocks in the past 20 years, it means stocks will totally kill gold in the next 20 years.


Somehow bloggers love to pump REIT, did they get paid?
No QQQ? No FAANG? I vote to start from 1997 :slight_smile:


Since you are a chartist you know as well as anyone that using charts and past info can easily be influenced by the time frames.
As far as REITs… too broad a category. Mortgage REITs collapsed in 2009. REITS are location dependent just like sfhs.


20 year is long enough that I think that a 20 year analysis has very real meanings for a whole generation. How many 20 years does a person has to invest?

20 year is a super long term horizon. This is a life memory for gen-X. Millennials will have better investment result for their 20 years. Gen-X will need to position well to make more than Millennials in the next 20 years.

Gen-X is the generation with the worst luck :rofl:

Agree that 20 years is long enough but the choice of components in the asset class matters. For S&P 500 which is well documented, we know exactly what are the components. For the rest, we don’t know. One can change the components of any of those asset class and come up with a totally different picture. Since we are investors, we are more interested in the future and not past performance. In addition, we are mostly in tech industry, so more interested in future performance of Bay Area (and major tech hubs) RE and QQQ (and any tech ETFs like IYW).

Which REIT’s retuned 10% CAGR for the last 20 years? The article didn’t say.

Who cares. Financial samurai got paid for pumping reits.

Well maybe he is. But I want to know which REITs he’s talking about. There are so many different types of REITs.

Why don’t you give him a call and ask which reit paid him the most as its advocate.

Isn’t he your neighbor in inner sunset? Why don’t you knock on his door? :smile:

Where you get that from? He doesn’t live in my neighborhood. Maybe he lives in yours…

Why? I guess we are doing just fine.

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