Fudging the pictures to make the home bigger

Here’s a new one for me:

“Property photos are virtually staged.”

So I went to look at the house today, and they did indeed “Virtually stage” the house. There was no furniture in the house at all. BUT when you look at the pictures online, the bedrooms look really large. The actual bedrooms are small, and the photos were fudged. For example, in photo #4, the 6 drawer dresser to the left of the door gives you the impression that the area is 60" wide, but in fact, it is about 36" (ie, that dresser would never fit, and certainly isn’t the same width as the door). You can kinda tell where things were stretched as the wood panelling should all be the same thickness at an angle of 45 degrees. Same issue on the right with photo #6.

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Virtually staged by Barney the purple Dinosaur with purple chairs…Virtually bad taste

OMG it’s so fake it’s funny… :joy:

I guess way more reason (in the future if virtual tech is mainstream) to still do it the old fashion way…visit the freaking house!!!

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Oh wow, it is the future. When are we going to open house that you are required to wear a VR headset to tour the property? I think some of the spec home developer are already using that to pre-sell the houses.

Looks like a total fixer on the outside. …

If you want to buy virtual real estate, buy Reits

It’s actually a good marketing trick as long as it’s properly disclosed. It brings people into the house without the cost of staging.

Anyway, it seems a good deal. 1700sf for a 3 bedroom is a decent size.

Sounds like the back porch has significant termite damage but otherwise, I’d say the property was in good shape. The porch felt secure–I wouldn’t have known there was termite damage. There was a place in the living room that might require some foundation adjustment (which was easily accessible–5 foot crawlspace), but overall everything else seemed level. There’s some damage on one of the outside walls on the right where someone cut a hole, but inside the garage there were very few cracks in the cement and no water damage despite the downhill slope of the driveway.

Definitely the house needs paint and new carpet. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone flips it. I am surprised at the school district. John Gill? Seems far from there. Maybe that’s the reason for the low price.

Yeah. Great marketing as it makes the house look like something it’s not. It makes the bedroom look like they’re 15x20 when they’re really 10x12.

It looks good from far but is far from good…

Even the pictures with actual staging can also be deceptive. There are plenty of houses with great pictures but lackluster property.

Listings are generally more honest than ads for non-real estate.

Will there be lawsuit if someone bought the house sight unseen? Probably not, since the listing discloses that it 's fudged pictures.


Err… midgets?

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Good question–it discloses that it was virtually staged. But it doesn’t say that the staging “May not match the actual house’s dimensions.”