Fully detached condo

Some condos are fully detached and has good sized yard. It would look exactly like a single family house but it’s a condo. What do you view these kind of condos? I think it’s possible to have a zero due HOA for fully separated condos.

Here is one next to UCB

Interesting. I wonder if one can paint the exterior purple in honor of Prince though. Probably not, since some HOA or body must approve correct? Why would anyone pay that kind of money to only have some crazy Board stop you from enjoying that property however you like to???

It’s probably only 2 homes in the Hoa, and it would be easy to get approval from one neighbor.

Is it possible to create a HOA with no HOA dues? For these kind of free standing HOA, there is no need for any common expenses. With zero HOA, you will have no overreaching board members.

Good luck eliminating HOA if one already exists.

If you buy one unit and I buy the other unit, will it be easy for two of us to vote and eliminate the HOA?

I understand it’s hard if HOA has hundreds of people. If it’s only 2 or 3 owners, it may not be that hard

There’s a reason they never eliminated it. Is landmzoning different SFH vs condo? Maybe once it’s zoned condo the city requires HOA.