Furnished rental and student rental

What’s the pros and cons for furnished rental? In college towns such as Berkeley and Santa Cruz, I think there is a market for furnished rental by students. But most undergraduate students would leave in summer months and you would get a 3 month vacancy. How much a premium can you get to furnished house?

I don’t know about the income premium, but a renter of a furnished unit has (depending on the municipality) less protection than if he had rented an unfurnished unit. I just vaguely recall that from the RE agent study material.

Higher deposit limits.

In Santa Cruz, you can rent to tourists at much higher rents in summer. You rent by the week.

If you do furnished, how about going a step further and rent by the room? It’d be even higher income I suspect.

Summer months can be rented to people coming here for jobs. I get a couple of emails each year right around now for room requests.

Do you need to vet the people though? :frowning:

Question is how many people want to have roommates that they didn’t know or choose.