Gain Newsom's New 3.7M House

Gavin Newsom is the new governor of California and he just bought a $3.7M house in Fair Oaks. This price point isn’t much in many areas of the country, but it’s actually the fifth highest residential sale ever in Sacramento County. This home is said to have over 12,000 sq ft and it’s located on 8 acres. It’s near the American River, but not on the river. Now two of the top five sales in the county have a connection to a governor (the other was the mansion Ronald Reagan started to build in Carmichael in the 1970s).

For the price of a Los Altos shack you too can have an estate with your own tennis court.

All cash in small bills???

Isn’t his wife rich?

Yup. Rich wife. Helps to have good looks and a head full of wonderful hair.

Time to buy in the Sacramento MSA…lots of land…plenty of deals