Garages, A Dinosaur Soon?

Err… we need to first have driverless cars.

Despite all the optimism I still think we are at least a decade away. And the first installation will be interstates, not local cul-de-sacs.

Plus, I never understand people who park cars in garages. Where do they store their crap???

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Long time more. Can use the garage for ping pong or generic gym or entertainment centers.
Look for the right time to:
Long gym equipment retailers or manufacturers
Long entertainment furniture and items
Short car insurance companies

Where do they store their crap? In landfills!!!

Last time I checked Public Storage is still doing good business. :slight_smile:

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Years ago, I was a renter, single, dumb. I had some items I deemed “worth to keep”. I paid like $65 a month for 4 years, a late payment here and there…when I came to my senses, I could have bought them brand new with 1/3 of the storage payments. :smiling_imp:


Uh, yes, OB1, but that is what the article is referring to and it does say it will be awhile (probably beyond our lifetimes). Remember always, Sire, I am here to sell “newspapers” so my topic headings are intended to lead/engage readers if not to inflame more participation from new folks rather than just the handful of folks here who do so regularly (thanks, folks, and you know who you are!)…

I never had a garage before growing up (grew up in flat with a basement), so when I bought my Sunset home I was STOKED to finally have a space for my very own car. No more street parking for me (uh sorry, Sweetie, but you didn’t like pulling out of our garage anyway…) or heaven’s forbid pay RENT for a car space!!! So, I find it fascinating why some of you folks use your garages as storage. My god, do you really have that much junk, uh, stuff??? And I see it a lot, my neighbor across the street has his garage completely packed with stuff and he too does not have a driveway to off street park his car. His cars/minivan never ever touched the garage floor. Folks, there IS a reason why they are called garages and not storage spaces…

@hanera touched on it about the car insurance companies. What is going to happen as more and more people go car-less? Won’t the concept of spreading the risk over a large user pool be tested then? Won’t that then make the transformation even faster then as the ever higher insurance premiums per person continues to convert drivers to non drivers? So, if you widen the scope, won’t the suburbs become even more undesirable relative to the cities (even though fares for driverless cars could be expensive)???

Garages can become granny units…housing crisis solved…lol

Large user pool? The personal coverage then will need to be increased. Say $25K per person per occurrence or something like that wouldn’t cover any major injury.
Insurance companies are not dumb. They know the pros and cons and plan with anticipation. You the driver or the owner have to be aware of what is covered by your policy. Ambulance chase lawyers will chew you in and out if you are not prepared.

intrinsic value bh The replacements would have had none of that.

See what causes SF buyers to go gaga over homes in the fab 7x7. Yes, Virginia, garages are still wanted…

Garages will be even hotter when everyone wants something to charge their electric cars.

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Why? Car porch or road side charger will not suffice?

I know garages are a must have in Tahoe…Where else are going to store all your toys and gear?..Worth at least $50k, to store $5k worth of junk…lol

Probably worth $100-150k in the BA

[quote=“Elt1, post:14, topic:607, full:true”]
Worth at least $50k, to store $5k worth of junk…lol

Short sided financial analysis. Time value of money. That $50,000 investment protects that $5,000 worth of junk over 50 years. It prevents the regular replacement of said junk.

You aren’t leaving your cars sitting out in the snow in Tahoe are you? :grinning:

In Tahoe like everywhere else the $50k car sits outside replaced by $5k worth of junk. .Modern car paint holds up…Most junk cant be left out in the elements. …altough up here you see a lot of junk stored outside…I now only have room for one car in my garage…I need the rest ot the space for junk and tools to maintain my properties. .Going to need a warehouse shop soon…Storage space costs a fortune in Tahoe…Most people have to a store their boats,rvs and other toys in Carson valley

Just one. And, they got it.

So, I know a very large industrial space 8,000 sq ft IIRC in Suisun that is REO and only $575. Want to go halfsies and split it? :relaxed: You’d be a super commuter for your business! :grinning:

I used to waterski in the Suisun slough over 30 years ago havent been back since

Ok, Nashville, show us how it’s done…