Getting a lower commission?

Anybody tried or heard about this site for finding an agent to sell their home

It says agents will compete for your listing and you can get a lower commission, but still get a top agent

Sounds interesting, but I wonder if a true top agent would actually reduce himself/herself to out win the listing from a newbie or moderate seasoned agent?

After the last experience where I recommended a top agent to one of our posters here (who had a really good experience), I am somewhat reluctant to differ and go cheap next time. Hate to say it, but a really good agent is worth it. Sure, I would still negotiate the commission to oh 5% but I think the “savings” one may achieve by a lower commission could actually hurt you in the end (by a lower selling price or just not a smooth transaction). Just pay the lady/gentleman!!!

I think the idea is for agents, they would be able to reduce their rate a little bit because by going through the platform they can acquire listings without any hassle or work (just submit a standard proposal) - since top agents don’t have to spend as much time acquiring customers as less known agents, they would be less likely to offer reduced rates - but I could see a little reduction if the platform was giving them lots of leads and they were looking to continue to grow their shop.

I’d be curious how much top agents currently spend in terms of time and money to get new clients

Right, so you hit it where I was going. That top realtor that I recommended actually has too much business that if it means reducing her commission too far she would pass anyway. Not worth her time…

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Yes, the only way I could see something like this being worth her while is if she was able to get a super pricey listing beyond her normal average listing - because then a slight hit in commission would still be a good paycheck for her.

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