Glassdoor has been acquired for $1.2B


Is how you market. Brush up your BS skill. You need marcus or my help? Both of us have MBAs :slight_smile:


Exactly. Just a place to talk cock and BS-ing.


That is life. In Singapore, we have a crude term, talk cock. A colloquial term, wayang.


For most people, BS is any content that they don’t agree with or not interested in.
Since this is RE, immediately, anything not related to RE is classified as BS.
Then amongst those RE related issues, not related to your neighborhoods e.g. Lake Tahoe, that you are interested or land lording (if you’re not a landlord) or buying a primary (when you already have two) are BS.


Once again my poverty limited my imagination. :cry:


Make sense. Obama would classify Trump words as BS and vice versa.

So BS classification is BS :joy:




No need imagination. Pay attention to the issues raised in this forum that is RE related and not so RE related.
Non-RE related:

  • Children education
  • Stock investment
  • Food & restaurant
  • Dating
  • Tech scenes especially pay

RE related:

  • Type of neighborhood
  • landlording
  • meetups
  • flipping
  • renovation

Choose any of the above and pump substance into them. Give them some depth.


The 95% rule itself is BS. Time to get rid of it.


Over regulation is always bad. Even Dragonboy was regulated out.

We should get Dragonboy back by deregulation. Minimizing regulation if possible.


It’s a delicate balance.