Glen Park House not selling - 27 Roanoke St?

Hi all

We are looking for a SFH in SF that has been updated. Saw this and really liked the layout etc

We have only just stared our search so really interested in how people on the forum asses this house.

Only issue we could see was noise from the 280 if the wind was in the wrong direction.

Any views really welcome

For a 2M+ home not impressed with exterior street view of home. My immediate impression was that this was overpriced. Sure enough, already had a 100K reduction from the initial list of 2.195M. I personally think when you hit the 2M threshold that is whole new ballgame. Frankly, this looks like something that could be offered in my neighborhood (Sunset) and it won’t be near 2M. I get it though that Glen Park is a very desirable area (I have coworkers who own there) but 2M is 2M…

I am not familiar with pricing in SF but I really like the great room feel that opens to the yard. Nice for entertaining.

Glen Park asking for 2M is fair and square. I don’t think you will hear much highway noise, no matter what direction wind is blowing. But I’d want to make sure all the work is done with permit, and that they have the paperwork ready to justify their claim it’s now a 3/3/2k ft house. You want it reflected on tax record.

If folks don’t buy when market is hot and going up, don’t buy when market is cool and heading down, when do people buy? It’s almost Halloween and market is rapidly cooling down due to seasonality. You may even be able to get sellers to lower the price further.

Not for this. And obviously, the market has responded with a loud NAY…

Been back to Glen Park today and don’t think the area is for us. For us there is a 280 background noise. Oh well back to Noe or Bernal

Without even looking really hard into what is available, this St. Francis Wood home is way better and cheaper than that overpriced Glen Park remodel. Yes, this one needs some work, but St. Francis Wood is KING in my book…

Don’t think it will sell for this price.

So, it goes higher. Will it go 300k higher? And if it does, is it still better than that Glen Park pseudo Sunset looking home??? I literally did a minute search and found this gem. Imagine if I really tried…

$2.1M for a house in Glen Park is crazy. If the owner lowers it by $100K every time, there will be another 4-5 reductions coming and then perhaps the house will finally find a buyer.

Glen Park routinely sells for 3M+. Like this house

I don’t think it’s all that crazy for a well remodeled house to ask for 2.1M in GP.

That is insane; I am with @sfdragonboy on this one; I’d prefer the house in St. Francis Wood. Location/neighborhood trumps any nice looking remodel in my books.

Did you say trump??? :thinking:

Do you prefer I say the c word instead?

It is contingent now. Did hunter buy the house?

Nope, went back one last time but 280 noise was a deal breaker for us

What??? Our fearless leader probably bought it to prove us wrong…:slight_smile:

I still say that St Francis Wood home I just happened to find is a way, way better home…

I think millennials prefer Noe Valley to St Francis Woods…

My wife LOVE that house based on the pictures. What’s your estimate on price it would sell? We are considering to move to West Sunnyvale / Mountain View / Cupertino as next stop when kids are going to school. But that one give me pause. She is a city gal, and I love suburban, and seems like that one is a good balance. @manch where in the city did you settle given that you like suburban from your San Jose background.

I am not yet settled, that’s the answer. Next spring I will hopefully buy a house that’s more suitable for suburban living…

SF’s public high schools suck, except @sfdragonboy’s alma mater of course. So if your kids are close to high school age that’s one factor to consider.

At the Sunnyvale/Cupertino price point you can buy around St Francis Woods.