Glen Park Sold 650K Over Ask

Listed for 2.3M. Sold for 2.85M: 650K over asking. Tax record only shows 1500 ft, but I am sure there is some unpermitted stuff added on. Folks, Glen Park is expensive.

Frankly, that is one ugly looking house. The only saving grace is the views that one gets from inside.

Tell me, granted this is a few months old, but which home would you rather have? And be honest, please. This St Francis Wood beauty sold for 2.15M a savings of 700k.

If that St Francis Wood house has 4 BR count me in.

It is smaller, 3/2. Nice though…

1385 Portola Drive - sold in August

Here, if you must have 4 bedrooms. 2.5M sold

Gosh, maybe St. Francis Wood is UNDERPRICED!!!

Now I don’t want something that looks like a robber baron’s home! Do I need to wear a puffy shirt or something? Do I need to hire a butler?

Good one… but still cheaper than that Glen Park eyesore…

Ok, essentially same price… this a FIVE bedroomer…

Come on, this is way better than that one in GP

+1 sfdragonboy SF Woods is way better than GP location wise. It is old school wealth. Every design is more grand. With 2.5M options - SF Woods is hard to beat. Need to maintain landscape and “overall” look is a must do ongoing cost item.

How is this home, location and price?

Very nice, old school home. They don’t make houses like this anymore. This area is essentially next to St. Francis Wood. As you can see, mostly detached homes and definitely individually designed. It is a block over from busy Junipero Serra so that should be good, yet convenient if you need to go 280S you just jump on that main drag and soon you are on the freeway. Now, Winston feeds close to San Francisco State so you may see more traffic (car and foot) from students (perhaps). I don’t know this area that well but certainly would love to live around here. I may be able to afford here but I wouldn’t like the property tax bill twice a year.

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I’m surprised how cheap St Francis Woods is. (Well, it’s all relative, compared to the other listings).

Probably Millenials at startup not interested in St Francis Woods type of neighborhood and traditional styles.

Right. Saint Francis Woods is not a hip area for the younger crowd. It’s good that people don’t like the same things. Glen Park, Noe Valley, Bernal Heights and of course Mission are more hip for the Millennials.

The only things that I can remotely think of that may explain a relatively lower pricing is that it can be colder/cloudier there than other locals and there are no views per se there. It is not near water and one needs to take the streetcar to downtown or drive. Some of the examples I found in response to @manch were frankly eye opening. These were gorgeous fully detached colonial style homes that if in Palo Alto would probably command, what, twice as much?

If you want houses that grandparents like you can just hop over the Bay and look at Piedmont. Most houses were built in the roaring 20s and all look like robber barons’ mansions back in the days.

Just like we old geezers can’t fathom the idea of living in “happening” Mission (too happening for me), today’s taste is moving away from mansions to cutesy modern homes. The market doesn’t lie. It is what it is. Good news for people who still like old mansions. But beware the price may stay depressed compared to GP or NV.

Hey, if some idiot, err Millennial wants to trade his/her ribeye for a hamburger straight up, I’m more than willing to comply…

Wow I don’t know why anyone would choose Glen Park over St. Francis Woods…even if I have the money I would not spend it on GP, but that’s just me.

No, no, no don’t let Uncle @Manch sway you on GP. GP has its merits, but when you compare to St. Francis Wood, it does not compare…

Off the market, gone. Looks like some attractive offer !

Let us guess how much for this home? Redfin estimates 1.75 M

The thing is, uniquely old school homes like this, really do bring out the buyers I think. Def not a cookie cutter Sunset home for example. I would probably go 1.9M. It wouldn’t surprise me if 2M…