Global warming in the coldest winter in my memory

Temperatures in the low 50s all winter in the BA. Average for March is 65 in RWC. 55 today. Same in Tahoe temps about 10 degrees below average. Part of Emerald Bay froze. Rarely happens.
Lots of rain and snow. No wonder the global warmers changed their religion to climate change.


I usually read posters here saying “don’t let yourself be driven by emotions” and here they are, just clicking on that heart and no words, which means they are emotionally driven, with no research or explanation about their emotions.

No wonder now the deniers of global warming can’t differentiate between climate and weather. :laughing:

I met this RE investor, he would beat all of them posters on this forum any given day in wealth. I am not going to tell you about his IUL, you would cry knowing he will retire with $400K a year, tax free. :wink:

But, he said: Buyinghouse, do not fall for the GOP mantra even though I am a republican. Whenever you see them complaining, attacking, and being against something, believe me, they are doing it just for political reasons and because they are preparing their field to take over any industry they deemed “too socialist or too liberal”, or any ideas or businesses that will make them rich as soon as they move their pawns in. :laughing::laughing:

Then, he told me:

EPA. Nixon was its creator. It was good for tax credits until they weren’t that good.

Marijuana and Hemp. Look at who is pushing that “industry”? None other than the ex-leader of the house John Boehner has been pushing the legalization of marijuana, and they finally made Hemp a legal to cultivate plant.