Global warming. ..June snow


I don’t agree with all this. But people paying taxes are leaving faster than ones that do not.


Why would anyone not paying taxes leave? They get everything for free.

California’s poverty rate is equal to Pakistan.


I suspect climate science will some day be as laughable as the fat is bad and sugar is perfectly good for us science.


Wow, I didn’t think it’d be this soon.


It appears tech will solve the issue of too much atmospheric CO2.


Not to devalue this, but, i grabbed this comment from hackernews:

“To wit; the company behind the paper in question, Carbon Engineering, is noted by Wikipedia as having “oil sands financier N. Murray Edwards” as one of it’s principal backers. And the article’s “outside expert’s opinion” quote comes from Stephen Pacal, co-director of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton- which has an “extended partnership with BP” worth a great deal of money [1]. The financial conflicts behind this research are staggering.”


Bill Gates has invested in it. Energy companies are always looking for cheaper ways to get energy to sell than drilling.


Super cool! Pun intended :slight_smile:


Remember all the crying about the US leaving the Paris climate agreement? Turns out US green house has emissions have been declining and will continue to decline. Emissions in Europe and China are increasing. So yes, Trump is ruining the environment.


The fear mongering is AMAZING.

“Ocean temperatures are less influenced by year-to-year variations in the weather. It can take more than 1,000 years for deep ocean temperatures to adjust to changes at the surface.”

Um, so the current ocean warming is due to things from 1,000 years ago before humans were consuming large amounts of fossil fuels, and there were ~300M humans on earth. Yet, earlier in the article they make it sound like it’s all due to current CO2 levels.

“Man-made greenhouse gas emissions are warming the atmosphere, according to the overwhelming majority of climate scientists, and a large part of the heat gets absorbed by the oceans. That in turn is forcing fish to flee to cooler waters.”

So which is it? Are man-made emissions increasing the ocean temperature or is the ocean temperature changing due to things 1,000 years ago?


It’s a combo of both.


That’s literally impossible if you’re talking about deep ocean water.


It is so dangerous, snow is falling from solar panels!

You better run! :laughing::laughing::laughing: