Gloom to Bloom in 12 Days - Mountain View

Man, this agent’s video has pretty high production value. Alex Wang. Need to jog his name down.

Even with three bidders, there is a greatest fool who bid much more than the rest. Incredible. That’s how RE in SFBA rolls.

here is the listing

That’s not quite “significantly” over asking price.

First of all, in video he mentions 3-4 weeks so I don’t believe the full transformation was actually only 12 days (Alex, please clarify).

What we have here is just a cluttered home that just needed cleaning really and some minor working but it is situated in a prime location. Frankly, it would have sold even cluttered (of course lower). How hard is it to do that? Bring me a house in a bad part of town, needing major work and then let’s see some Alex magic.

Once again, staging is key.

Only slightly overbid, but again that address does have a lovely 8 in it…

Good marketing video from the realtor. But really not extra ordinary in SV.

Video said the offer was all cash and closed in 12 days. I think that is where the Gloom to Bloom in 12 days came from. I guess it is more like 12 days of anticipation to get money in the bank.

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