GM Lovers may like this Bolt is on road ! Tesla is challenged!

The first three customers to receive the highly anticipated Bolt EV are excited to take delivery and include:

William “Bill” Mattos, a retired law enforcement officer from Fremont, California, whose new Bolt EV becomes his third Chevrolet electric, after previously owning a Spark EV and second-generation Volt

Bobby Edmonds, a software developer with a family of four from Castro Valley, California, who replaces a BMW i3 with the Bolt EV

Steve Henry, a commercial real estate broker with a family of five from Portola Valley, California, whose new Bolt EV replaces a Toyota Prius

All in CA?

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Yes, this is to challenge Tesla and show GM’s car is running on California Roads !

When someone gets a clue and makes an electric one of these for $40K, let me know…

Too hard to get in and out as I get older and fatter.

Perhaps, but put this baby on your driveway and you become The Man around your neighborhood instantly…

You’re just an adolescent? Sure you can see properly with such low profile? Also, is so hard to get up after sitting.

Ferraris look best in the garage…Just get a full size poster of one and paste it on to your garage door…all your neighbors can droll with anticipation with what is behind the poster…In LA they have glass garage doors so people can see the “ponies” in the garage…My buddy in Hayward has a 1965 corvette in the garage…never drives it…Has a Fiat ev in the driveway, commutes to SF…round trip with no charging

Here you go, but not 40k !

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Thanks @Jil!!! That is the first Tesla Roadster that on the used car market can may be had for $50-$60K??? I would consider it but would think down the road someone will eventually get to the one I posted…:slight_smile:

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I wedged myself into one, but had to pulled out…A kiddy car…was a joke never was popular. …

You should be a product manager :slight_smile: That’s how they think.

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I mean, come on, do all affordable electrical cars have to be so bland looking like the Prius or Volt? What happened to build it and they will come???

GM just said they will be the first to make a mass market autonomous drive vehicle. It will be the Bolt.

The ugliest electric car ever has to be the BMW iEV. The color scheme is also terrible.

BMW kept the goodies and looks for the number 8 worshippers:

I guess tech a hybrid at the moment but there are plans for a 100% electric version down the road…

Tesla is a good looking car but at 100k too expensive. .Can get a used one for $50k…Maybe with new Bolts flooding market a used Tesla will go for $40k…I would consider buying one at $35k

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here you go sfdragonboy, not even 40,000, only 32000 with RMB down now, probably less than 30,000

Impressive, but since it is made in China I will hold off the praises for now…

Jack Ma Says Fakes “Better Quality and Better Price Than the Real Names”