Go Wyoming!



By EHUNTR -February 20, 2019 WYOMING GRIZZLIES SHIPPED Photo Credit: Pexels Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed several bills into law late last week. One particular bill would allow grizzly hunts to take place if the state feels that its needed.

“The grizzly bear population in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem has recovered by all measurable recovery criteria, since at least 2003, with approximately seven hundred (700) grizzly bears currently living in the ecosystem;” Bill SF0093

Another part of the bill includes the relocation of problem bears to states that have a below average number of bears. In particular, the state of California!

“Grizzly bears are trapped and relocated in Wyoming and in some cases are euthanized for livestock depredation, property damage or endangerment of human life. If the game and fish commission determines under the laws of the state of Wyoming that extraterritorial relocation would be beneficial for managing Wyoming’s wildlife and protecting Wyoming workers and other citizens and tourists of the state, the game and fish commission may relocate to the state of California, to states with a grizzly bear population below the threshold for Endangered Species Act protection or to other willing states with suitable habitat all grizzly bears trapped for relocation.” Bill SF0093

The flag of the state of California does have the Grizzly Bear on it, is it time for them to reintroduce Grizzlies? The last Grizzly Bear to roam the state of California was killed back in 1922, in Tulare County. Since then the state has enjoyed freedom from some of the problems that unmanaged Grizzly Bears can create.

Could we see a new Grizzly Bear hunt in the state of Wyoming? The new Wyoming Game and Fish Director, Brian Nesvick believes that Grizzlies should be managed like other species. Management of animals is key for any state and should not be overlooked simply because of the animal being managed. Science has shown that this type of management works. It should be scientifically based, and not based on emotion alone.

The bill was introduced on 1/16/19, and just over a month ago it was signed into Law. A big win for hunters and conservationists in the state of Wyoming.