God, You Are Truly An Idiot

How could you honestly have believed the job was going to be easier??? Idiot!!!

Hey, Hillary, want to take over??? The Donald warmed up the seat for ya…

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It is a crap job. CEO’s can unilaterally decide what they want to do. Imagine if companies required votes of the top 525 execs to make decisions. Then each of those 525 execs was assigned to represent different customers that bought different products in different states. There’s a reason the federal government was supposed to be small.


It is NOT a crap job. You are the most powerful person on the planet. Any, any good leader knows he/she is only as good as the people he/she gathers around him/her to do the tasks at hand. They do good, you look good. So you surround yourself with the best of the best. I don’t care what industry, big or small. Then, you have control of both Houses right? That means smooooth sailing as long as what you are proposing actually makes sense and is not crap!!! I agree with you, Donald, it is easier if you knew what the hell you were doing!!! Learning on the job at our expense is not looking too hot right now…

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Agreed. Look at the rate Trump is filling the open positions (and dont say Democrat obstruction as he has not even identified people for majority of the roles). He is the slowest president at filling vacancies. Any good leader knows you hire good people, empower them, and let stuff get done. He has brought in a handful of cronies and expects to run an entire country. Running the nation is not like running Trump Inc


The president doesn’t get to pick congress. The control of both houses is weak with the freedom caucus. The republican party is really 2 parties now. Democrats have a similar divide in their party (blue dog democrats). Remember how long it too to pass Obamacare and democrats had a majority in both houses? It took 2 years. It didn’t pass until March, 2010. 34 house democrats voted against it. Tons of pork spending had to be added just to get enough democrat votes to pass it. Even then, they had to use reconciliation to push it over the final hurdle.

So are you saying Obama is a weak leader, since he had control of both houses and still needed 2 years to pass ACA? His signature move in his first 100 days was the stimulus plan which later he admitted the jobs weren’t as shovel ready as they thought. Most of that money wasn’t spent until well after the recovery was under way. We ended up spending over $400k per job created or saved which $85k of GDP growth creates 1 job.

Also, you’re getting back to the point of why federal government should be small. How do you design a bill that makes sense for silicon valley workers, wall street workers, farmers in Iowa, a doctor in Chicago, and all the other groups across the US? It’s impossible to please all of them. That’s why the federal government should be small. Decisions can be made at the local level based on what’s best for the people living there.

this is a little BS. Between Kennedy being the in the hospital and the obstruction that was placed on getting Franken into his seat, the democrats only had a 60 seat majority for about 2-3 months. McConnell basically fillibustered everything and nothing could pass without 60 votes. it is impressive how much Obama could get done in the face of complete and utter stone walling


Hillary is never taking over anything of importance again and thank God.
Trump has done more for this country in his first 100 days than Hillary could conceivably have done in 4 years. To the extent she would have accomplished anything it would likely have been detrimental to the nation. Another Holder as AG attacking the police and ginning up race riots, more EPA and Interior overreach and obstruction, more bureaucracy, more expansive government resulting in more stagnation.
When I see the SF Chronicle with a headline splashed across the front page proclaiming “science is losing and Trump is winning” like on Tuesday (Monday?) I know the good guys are winning and the bad guys are losing. Rule of law instead of rule of men is back; civil liberties have been restored to tens of thousands, permits illegally revoked have been restored and dozens of executive orders have been issued undoing Obama’s executive orders. Progress - and it’s just beginning. Sure Trump misses the old days; he’s working his butt off now.
Anyone remember what the Obama administration looked like a couple months in? The market had collapsed by more than it’s surged under Trump. Obama inherited an unemployment rate of 7.8% and forced through “porkulus” with a promise to keep it bellow 8%. After adding 1.7 trillion dollars to the national debt it stood at 10%.

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Republicans don’t have 60 in the senate, so the current scenario is similar to that one.

Come on, must I go to my other fav saying: Never ASSUME (in this case, that the job would be easier), or you will make an ASS out of U and ME…

Oh…poor hurt by their own leader souls…but Obama, but Hillary are and will be mean. Don’t they know the campaign is over?

I am going to illustrate many things about this poor soul as president:

You are bitching about most anything. You get your people excited to see a new and fresh face saying everything “as it is”. Naïve, smart, noble, and ignorant people throw their hats on the air, and some throw their underwear. Wait! It rhymes!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, here you are, promising everybody that can hear your lies that you are the only one, that you will fix everything and anything, you never mention “we the people” because that would insult your own ego. You assume that a country is a business, as usual, you will treat its economy and its people as you’ve done with your former partners, if any, and your sub-contractors. You will find an excuse to not pay, nor accept any responsibility.

You go from town to town, promising jobs that are not supposed to come back because they are not plausible to revive, it’s the economy idiot! Coal is going away, even China is beating us on that area! And in the mean time, dumb as a rock, you sign a stupid EO authorizing the industry that should be gone to poison our rivers by dumping in them their crap.

And in many cases you incite violence with your subtle words. You tell your supporters that you wished to punch somebody in the face, and some people exercising their first amendment are punched in the face and you don’t apologize. No, it is not the media saying “oh well, see? He meant this by saying that”, no, your own words, your own speeches. People ask “didn’t you say you like people who say everything as it is?” But not those who dare to criticize you?

You see, hear, and watch the current president golfing. And you decide that is a good meme to earn some points. There you go with your mumble jumble saying “oh, look daddy! Obama is playing every weekend, how dare he?” Then, you use that dialogue to upset people and after witnessing it is catchy, you promise “I won’t have time to play golf, I will be so busy at the white house working for you”. Then, you decide that the white house, not bringing any $ to your pockets, it is more than a workplace during the weekdays than a place to live on the weekends. Of course, it doesn’t have a golf course, why not use one of your hotels for your own enrichment while cutting some programs to feed some old people, at the same price of one weekend playing golf. People will be excited, that’s what the little voice in your brains says.

Being as the macho man you pretend to be, with that famous video showing us and telling us how dirty you are grabbing that word similar to that Israeli machinegun Uzi, you decide to attack a woman by saying “look people, she is being paid for by wall street. Goldman Sachs is getting away with murder folks!”…and you promise to stop wall street and fight against the “establishment” aka GOP and all the old farts in congress.
What do you do to fight the establishment and wall street? You hired them! Ain’t that great! But your supporters are still there, expecting that trickle effect of what you are a beneficiary from, to rain over them. And it doesn’t stop there! You put your kids to work in the white house when we have laws against Nepotism and whatnot. None the less the emoluments clause being violated left and right. And that’s something your supporters, hypocrite enough can’t talk about.

On the campaign trail, you promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. Knowing that the majority of your supporters can’t differentiate between ACA and Obamacare, you go and promise such task, and emphasize “in my first 30 days”. When you are at the helm, oh man! It sucks! Why did I talk too much you say? This chit is too much! Daddy! Where are thou?
But, but, but…You thought that by winning the electoral college you can come up a winner on everything you propose or are proposed to your likeness. You find out that republicans are one of a kind, a treacherous group of politicians as yourself and they dump your Obamacare repeal and replace. Oh boy! What a big pill to swallow in that small and proud throat of yours. You then find out that talking too much has some consequences and cry “oh boy, it isn’t that easy as I thought”.

You insulted the generals, the veterans, the purple medal recipients, the war heroes as McCain. And in the first battle of your career, while American people are being killed in a raid in Yemen, were you present in the situation room? No! You were playing golf!

Mister president. As you said, this life is worse than your prior life, and that’s a tale telling that you are not willing nor capacitated, nor understanding the trust “we the people” have put on your head, by saying that, you are not qualified to work in the white house. You never were, period!

You thought it was about calling the maid to pick up your sandals, or that you would just order, hire and fire because you don’t like the service. Sir, this is not the job of a boss, this is the job of a servant, and we are paying for your stupid, luxurious, and anemic with results for our economy life style.
We can’t keep paying your tastes and dislikes. Move your non-existent as a first lady wife to the white house and stop golfing so we can feed some real Americans who need some food in their mouths with the money we’ll save.

As I said, the white house is there for you to work, it’s the house of the American people’s servant. Not for the king of the lies. You promised to be busy in there. There it is, go at it and stop complaining or resign. Why? Because as a leader, you are none. Having the majority in both houses and you still can’t pass any legislation. Are you kidding me?

Maybe they don’t like you sir, maybe…like most of the American people.

@buyinghouse You complain about Trump lying, but wow. You’re building quite the list of whoppers.

Why is China still building coal power plants? Seriously, they keep adding more.

Did you ever see a Trump supporter attend a Hillary or Bernie rally and attack people? How many times did people go to Trump rallies to attack his supports? SJPD in their finest moment ordered the police to stand down and do nothing while Trump supporters were attacked.

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Yeah, the whole shouting down and attacking of the Right lately should honestly really alarm folks. Come on, if you honestly believe their (the Right) ideas stink, let them speak so that everyone can see them drown. But no, you can’t or won’t even honor your own code of free speech. Sad…

You are a sore reader. Are you sure you don’t work for Breitfart? You put words in my mouth. I said that your leader incited violence on people exercising their first amendment in his rallies. He wished, to the happiness of those violent driven supporters, that it was another time when the protesters were taken in stretchers to the hospital. They never went to attack anybody. They were punched in the face, only after Twhitler promised to pay their legal fees.

Oh, don’t tell me you forgot that, you know, paying their lawyers, did you? What a violence instigator…:scream:

Those Twhitler’s supporters, which many existed, when interrupting Bernie or Hillary were not punched in the face. Big difference. There wasn’t a word of “I wish I could punch them in the face” on any Bernie or Hillary rallies. Duh!

Don’t get confused by Anarchists and/or Fascists. They are a bunch on their own. Not fun of them at all.

I am against any violence, and those who dare to go to a hornet’s nest, and for that I mean a violent meeting, be aware, you are in for a fight. Avoid any confrontation, period!

By the way, if I were the president, I would berate all of them, I would say “hey you idiots!, go at it in peace, use your first amendment, not the fists you have”. But we all know he is a cry baby, like some I know, they always go back in time to but Obama and but Hillary to blame them for their inability to govern.

Let’s see what other excuse you come with Marcus, you are in the ropes right now.:joy:

JANUARY 2017 :triumph:

Guizhou to close 120 coal mines in 2017


Yeah, including a wife who would sleep in the same bed with you… WTH is going on, people!!! Talk about the biggest brain fart we could possibly ever have!!!

Dare I say it, even Aaaahnold was not as bad in Cali as The Donald in Washington…

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Trump campaign said that that he made a huge sacrifice to run for the president, that his biggest donation is to run for the president. Maybe he is working as a president for the benefit of the people, not for personal gain.

I would never take the job of the president. Too much for me.

It amazed me that Hillary wanted to be the president after 8 years of First Lady life.

People are different. What someone hates can be what someone loves.

And I would not vote for someone whose only work experience is politics. Professional politicians are a disservice to the people.

Politics should not become a profession, never ever a profession to get rich or even make a living

Donald is not strategic thinker…He obviously hasn’t thought this new career out…How is he possibility going to able to play strategic chess with cunning world leaders like Putin???..God help us… Maybe he will get bored and abdicate. .He has already lost the wife…What about all the chicks he was hoping for? And all the adoring fans to kiss his ass…Instead he has 535 unruly congressional jackals and thousands of judges ruining his party…Not to mention the unwashed press…


It looks like both Putin and Xi played Trump like a fiddle. So he’s taking it out on poor old Canada. :smile:

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Oh, please, be smart will ya? Trump running to work for the people? After spending in a few months what Obama spent in a year golfing, and some of that money going into his hotels? By the time you may read this, he will be in another place, spending our taxpayer money when he should be confined to the white house where we the people put him in. He should take his precious wife with him and stop wasting our money in stupid situations. We are tired of nepotism. Get his kids away from holding any government position. If he or them want to sacrifice for the country, welcome to stay home and stop endangering our secret service and our needed money when they are using our national coffers to protect them while they are making a buck. Stay home for 4 or 8 years please, we the people will appreciate it. That is a real sacrifice, how about selling all you guys have as Carter did?

So, look at him with attention, really! Don’t you see the eyes of somebody with a mental problem? Look at his eyes, I insist, you can picture the face of somebody with a mental problem or something like that. Just do it, really, do it for the sake of sanity, if it can be found lately. The mannerism of those hands? Gee! We in the real and cruel world of those who say the things as they are, we have a word for that, it starts with g and ends in y.

Something is wrong with this individual. He can’t elaborate a complete sentence, he can’t spell, he is a despot, he doesn’t know, or find the time or the desire to practice a day before what he is going to say next day. He is oblivious to the importance of the job he is holding. He is treating it as if he were the boss at the office, insulting, bitching, kicking, complaining to daddy for the guy he can’t fire but wants to. He forgot the word “responsibility”. Everybody’s fault, but himself. Period!

He is the petulant kid, the daddy’s little boy accustomed to get what he wants, this situation is like the proverbial neighbor’s dog that you want to beat big time for barking every minute of the day, none the less in the middle of the night. He is a big time attention seeker all the time, even to sign an EO, he calls for the press and wants all the fanfare of the world so everybody can see how good he is, except he ain’t reading, and ridiculous, forgeting what he signs. Why? Because he doesn’t understand crap!

He is so ignorant, so out of touch with the executive, legislative and judicial process and the amicable but legal relationship among them. Does he know the importance of keeping the separation of powers? Does he know he can’t fire a federal judge because in his interpretation of the law the judge is using the constitution against his lack of knowledge about it? We are missing the train here, are you paying attention? This is dangerous, this isn’t funny anymore, he wants to make the power, the law for his only benefit, not the benefit of the country by keeping the 3 branches independent from each other. One branch of government fighting against other, and it’s the elected president the one inciting the fight because he wants the constitution to abide to his desire. Really? We are seeing the emoluments clause being violated almost every day.

We can’t have a president wasting his time watching TV to find out if we the people like him or not, and we can’t have a president attacking the press, and at the same time going to cry to one of “the soft evil media” about how unfair the “media” is treating him. We can’t have a thin skin president who dedicates most of his time on seeking adulation of his character. This is not a beauty contest my friend, not at all. This is a tough job, and if you can’t stand the fire, resign!

We can’t have a president running as a tough guy, denouncing China for being a currency manipulator, for what he was doing it for an entire year, only to change his mind in a 10 minute conversation with the Communist minister of China. What’s going on? Do we as a country have a tough guy or a coward one representing us? Did he sell his soul to China? Did he sell his sould to special interests, which are quite embedded in anything he does via Ivanka when they meet any foreign dignitary. Can you clarify me why is she there when not even the majority leader is there? Or any big shot in the government? Are you…something I can’t pronounce to see things as they evolve “in your face”?

NAFTA? He ran his platform on being anti NAFTA. What’s going on now? Change of mind again?

NATO? Change of mind?

UN? Change of mind by sending his rep to cry to them for whatever reasons?

WALL? Not Mexico, you are the payer! What’s going on?

AHCA? Not even his own party supported it! Are you again that dumb to not receive support of your own party?

MADE IN AMERICA-HIRE AMERICANS? Ivanka the queen of imports. Right in your face. The Trumps hiring “foreigners” to work in their businesses. Again, are you a what?

I can keep going on for days, and I know, you, yes, you! You struggle to accept what’s wrong with this so called president. I read you, I know how you stumble in your own inability to accept you were wrong, and I kind of get a smirk on my face when you start posting risible comments.
Open your eyes, this is not funny anymore! We are entering a twilight zone, a zone of war that can wipe out the entire world, the entire human species. And it will be caused by somebody in the white house opening his mouth for the sake of saying something that sounds intelligent.

The elections are over mister president, time to get to work! Real work, not golfing.