Good Looking Downtown SJ Condo

This rivals the best looking stuff I have seen in SF and Oakland. Walkable to Caltrain, (useless) light rail and most importantly, Whole Foods. If BART really comes to Diridion this area’s value could explode…

From the address, obviously caters well to the Asian numerology infatuated crowd…

Speaking of which, what do you think about the Summit 800 homes in SF by Brotherhood Way? We tried to check them out in the early phases but never got around to it again. I am sure you read online about the backlash for their sign that reads “in the low one millions” which I didn’t have a problem with (since it is typical real estate speak) but I suppose outsiders may find appalling. One thing I hate is that when coming off 280 and heading home to the Sunset now, it gets packed now down that way and the lake on Brotherhood. Yes, we could use some more housing density in the West Side but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I’ve heard the construction quality was poor. It’s a cool building though.

A friend of mine lives there. It’s an old factory-turned into condos, so the ceilings are super high and is a metal construction - no floor noises etc.

My only gripe was lack of parking around the area. Plus SJ downtown is still unpleasant to walk around…

That’s the part I found perplexing. Why isn’t the city government do more to spruce things up?

The other end of Santa Clara, near the HUMONGOUS city government building, is equally shabby. Walk a few blocks more and you worry about safety.

Don’t like them. C’mon. If I am paying 1.3M I don’t want to be right on top of Brotherhood. I don’t like new developments actually. Did I mention I am a suburban boy? Where is my backyard? That 5x10 patch of concrete ain’t not doing it for me.

Ok, you in SF now. Any patch of grass (not the smoking kind) one should be jumping for joy over…

Don’t knock the City. We have some warts but it is really the greatest 7x7 of city in the world. God, I should work for our tourist bureau…

Well, one would think retailers/developers would be keen on entering that area. I mean, you have high salaried folks flowing through there, so that is not the issue. I can’t imagine the city gov is anti- business right? So, what is it? I mean, you are seeing Oakland trying to really get things going with its downtown.

I suspect hunters point may have better appreciation potential than summit.

Zillow says the rent is about $3500. Does that sound right?

Sure, at such a lower starting point, HP is easily going to appreciate more than Summit would. I also don’t care for the layout myself, all these thin SFHs sandwiched on the side of a hill. These are no different from those townhomes on 19th Ave by Moraga. Being on 19th Ave would be even worse.

Instead of HP, I was looking in the Excelsior and Merced Heights areas awhile ago when I was considering doing an exchange. Didn’t find anything that my wife and I really had to have or would want to live in for a few years to wipe out some of that capital gain.

That sounds about right. though I haven’t looked at rentals that area, so I’m as clueless as a monkey :slight_smile:

For a condo this good looking in SF, let’s say in the start-up rich SOMA, rent would be around 5K I think. Price will be 1M more or less.

The SF condo would be a better buy, investment-wise.

Another one that looks exactly like it just closed for 850K.

Looks pretty hot…

Downtown SJ is really hot overall.

Not selling!

On market for 50 days. Just lowered price by 15K to 850.

Finally sold! 850K. Took 3 months to sell. Condo market softening in downtown SJ?

[quote=“manch, post:5, topic:74, full:true”]

That’s the part I found perplexing. Why isn’t the city government do more to spruce things up?

Be careful what you ask for. Because you just might get it. :grin:

Just because they make money doesn’t mean they spend it. At least not conventionally.

Oakland has been trying to “get started” since I was a kid. I’m not making that up.

I’ve been hearing it all my life.

My father transferred from the City to Oakland on various occasions during his 30+ year tenure at PacBell. He was saying that then.

I’ve worked in Oakland on two occasions for two years at a time. Heard it then too.

I don’t think Oakland has ever been as bad as it’s been made out to be. But I also don’t think it will ever achieve the kind of civic success that its advocates are always saying it will.

Has Queens ever come out of the shadow of Manhattan?