Good starter home, but lot of work, Emerald Hills

If land is flat, this is too good, but looks sloppy or ups and downs. Lot of work as this looks original condition.

My god. Triple death home. @sfdragonboy, where are you? :slight_smile:

what do you mean by Triple death?

444 :grinning:

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Far, far, far away…

Emerald Hills attracts a people the like country living…And a lot cheaper than most other peninsula cities…It will sell …no problem…

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Yes, but not to a Chinese person for sure.

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Good. More for me! BWAHAHAHAHA.

But then you will have to compete with the Indians now :slight_smile:

Do Indians love country living? I think they like to live in flat and convenient location. Latinos as well.

Hills are much whiter than flat land. But now young white Americans love big cities. In the long term, hills are not a great investment. Acre is thinking of moving to AZ, elt moved to Tahoe. There are not many hill buyers left

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Immigrants are mostly city dwellers. .It has been tha way since NYC was a mecca 100 years ago…But as they assimilate they learn the joys of rural and suburban areas…I wouldn’t count out the hills…The hills make the BA unique. .the views, rural feeling, peace and quiet…The concrete jungle becomes oppressive, boring, crowded and suffocating. …There is more to life than living in a condo, and walking to Starbucks and the office


True, I am daily seeing the quietness from my window !

Well, I would certainly hope so…

  1. living in a box that you can only alter to a certain extent (hoa must approve)
  2. lovely extra monthly hoa expense (may not even touch “amenity” said hoa pays for)
  3. watch as a another condo development opens up next door, hence lowering your value, just like that. (Sorry, supply and demand does not take a day off)
  4. Wow, the thought that I spent 1M for an apartment which is not a house…

What numbers are they afraid of?

They are afraid of none so you would have to compete with them every single time.

Some people believe, here you go, have fun (simple google results)

How hard it is to change house number? I assume most of the streets have enough gap that there is some flexibility.

Very nice, @jil

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Not a problem at all to change house number. That’s what APNs are for! You can even switch city and zip of your address by petition. I’ve seen people changing their San Jose address to a Saratoga address in order to get a edge.


Really? That means you can switch city and get into diff school district too? Palo Alto, Cupertino?

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