Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


we did it better :slight_smile: except it’s too good, it’s full of potential to be exploited (as in malware).

on andy rubin, i doubt he’ll have another hit.


BTW something like Android could be the business model for Waymo: a free car OS that google monetizes indirectly.


‘Google covers up harassment and passes the trash’: A Google engineer gave her employer both barrels after an explosive sexual misconduct report

  • Engineer Liz Fong-Jones told the newspaper that Google “covers up harassment,” and tweet stormed more details after the piece was published.
  • Fong-Jones said that one of the executives named by the Times was the director she referred to in a #MeToo blog about sexual assault last year.


"Although he does congratulate the tech giant for increasing the number of black employees in 2018 to 4 percent from 2 percent in 2016, Luckie also criticizes the firm’s human resources department for protecting managers instead of supporting employees.

Luckie also recounts watching some of his colleagues clutch their wallets or shove their hands deep in their pockets to hold their wallets tightly when he walks past them at MPK, the company’s vast Frank Gehry-designed headquarters in California."


All corporate and bureaucracy behave the same way for good reasons. This guy didn’t work elsewhere before or is a naive newbie.

All these “diversity” talk pushing for more women and blacks are not justified, in itself is biased and discriminative. Should be based on suitability for the job.



Exactly. The female employee group has a 21-day campaign where they send out ideas or info on how to encourage inclusiveness and help women. One of the suggestions is for men to mentor a female employee. Yeah, I can’t think of anything that can go wrong with a male spending 1:1 time with a lower level female employee. That’s a hard no on volunteering for that. Especially since in my life the women that are nastiest and most motivated to hurt me are women I’ve rejected. Today’s culture of fire first and maybe ask questions later is too risky.


When a woman accuses you of sexual abuse, police adopts a guilty until proven otherwise attitude. Whereas if you accuse a woman, the attitude becomes innocent till proven otherwise.


Yup, and it’s worse with employers. It’s fire the person first, and only ask question if you get sued for wrongful termination.


There will be few innocent men that may be treated unjustly. But then we men had this coming after centuries of bad behavior. Too early to complain about unfairness. :grinning:


Exactly. Until I see equal number of men getting sexually assaulted by women as the other way around, I don’t see how men have any rights to complain. :thinking:


You probably aren’t aware of how common false allegations are. It happens daily. We should at least wait until due process is done before we start punishing people.


When I was younger I managed a pancake house similar to IHOP. Since it was open 24 hours I left my home number posted for emergencies after the night manager left. One day i received a call from a waitress who said she was going to kill herself because a trauma she recently endured. I was too young and dumb to call the police so I went over there.

It turned out all she wanted was a relationship and when I did not give it to her, she called everyone she could think of to tell them I was screw her. She almost got me fired. It was a very bad experience and can happen to anyone, men or women.


You must be a hot man back then. :smile:


I don’t have any real data. I am biased towards women. I feel they are far more ethical than men are. How many women are accused of corruption vs men? That should be public data.


I don’t have any real data either. It is obvious some men abuse women. It is not so obvious how many men get abused by women because they don’t report it. I was abused by my wife in my first marriage. I didn’t report it because I did not get hurt, but if was the other way around I am sure she would have reported it.


Women can be strong and decisive. Look at this



I’m sorry to hear that sheriff. I know someone in a similar situation who gave in. He was a minor, and it was his first time. :frowning: The worst thing is he couldn’t talk about it with anyone. I was the first person he’d told a number of years later.


Me2 and still is because I adapt using Darwinian principle. Adapt or go extinct :sunglasses:
Women abuse men is not a crime :grinning: because men won’t get hurt!