Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


You got it wrong, his was actual abuse, not the kind in bed…


No, this demonstrates that women are weak and panicky. Men would have just overpowered inmate with their might. Women fear for their life and shoot. I am very against women being in the police force.


I disagree. My daughter is a lieutenant in a sheriff’s department in Maryland, and a reserve in the U. S. Army. She has to arrest people who resist and has done it as well as any man.


Vested interest. One in a million? Anecdote is not representative :slight_smile:


I love Grandma fights intruder stories.


No, they train you in self defense and how to use submission holds on people.


Maybe your daughter inherited from her mom. Your ex is a police material and she wasted her skills towards you, not the criminals :rofl:


no, they train you how to use submission holds on people and other self defense techniques.


I think women police officers might be a good idea. At least we should ask women police to arrest women who abuse men. Male police won’t symphathize civilized men who are abused by women. When a man try to be law abiding, they can become a target of abuse.

Women police are fair and tough on women criminals



Does that mean during oral sex, the woman has to thumbs up to signify yes, yes, yes :joy:


Um… this is not a forum about porn… :laughing:



Wow. In another news the intel ex-CEO landed a new gig in a small Chicago company.


In this speed, 20% CEOs will lose their jobs. Hope it won’t cause a housing slowdown in the South Bay :joy: