Google's latest expansion Nov 2017 Changes the Real Estate Dynamics around Diridon Station

Google is cash Rich company, purchased 25 acres (and purchasing more in Diridon), that is more than enough. One day, they build office, Diridon gets BART, price skyrocket from current. Good Guess is google will not get rid of the place as this is heart of down town. Pockets are Rose garden is wealthy, homes are unique, nice, quiet and desirable area.

Given google is hiring crazy, most of the bay area prices are likely to increase, some areas close to potential building sites more than the other.

Eventually it will happen.

What you say is true but could be a long time. The big guys (AAPL, FB, GOOG) are land grabbing. Not necessary with a plan in mind. They are CASH rich as you said, so they can afford to do that.


With this info, I’m surprising you still haven’t bought yet. I would. Damn the ideal conditions, buy any first to hedge against the appreciation.

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Haha i really am trying man. I will tell the story if it ends up playing out. Some of you know already.

Menlo Park?

MP is slow and it would be not hard to buy there

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No, MV.

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Menlo Park is where my heart is at, but commute is better in mv :slight_smile:

REF (realestateforums) is also land grabbing! Who will set up an entity?

Suburban Park, The Willows, Seminary Oaks, Menlo Oaks - all have fast access to 101.

Yup, the willows is one of my favorites.

Why you want to live in MP with a bunch of snobbish white people? :smile:

Nicer homes, good looking neighborhood, somewhat of a yucky school district
And… oh i’m white :slight_smile:

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And a slow appreciation?

White neighborhood tends to appreciate slowly. But once more Asians move in, price will skyrocket.

MP might be a good investment over the very long term. Asians are not moving in yet

But are you also snobby? :slight_smile:

no, not in real life, but at work, i might be :slight_smile:

yeah i am waiting for asian invasion for improved schools :slight_smile:

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Who will first bell the cat? OR “chicken and egg” situation.

i.e. will new owners(relatively higher earning people) send their kids to bad schools(Diridon Area)? For schools to improve that should be a pre requisite?

Which neigborhood and cities have the fastest growing Asian population? I’ll create a thread to track