Greatest Area To Live, Bar None

As I worked my way back home from another round with the treadmill, I am reminded again how wonderful this area truly is. I am seeing a few more for sale signs in Westwood Highlands and then St. Francis Woods, both so uber nice areas to hang one’s hat. I pass Stern Grove where I guess there is another free music concert for all to enjoy. The City definitely knows how to do it and do it right. It is gorgeous here in the fab 7x7, so if that is the case, you folks in the 'burbs must really be having some exceptional weather.

Maybe it is really worth spending 1M for a small 2/1 fixer, or paying $500/mo for a monthly parking space or even that $20 for that great cup of joe…

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!!!

If I can afford St Francis Woods I’d sing praises to our Fair City all day everyday…

Westwood Highlands Tudor - classic beauty!!!

Tiled countertops… I don’t think it will go as high as 2M though. 1.7 or 1.8 sounds about right.

Yes, certainly needs some updating here but I am going to think people will want this badly. Westwood Highlands is very nice and Tudor style homes like this don’t come around too often. If a standard Sunset home commands 1.3Mish, this should be 2M. I will go with that, 2M.

Pended…of course. Nice, unique homes in the Fab 7x7 do not go unsold!!!

Bingo! Sells for 2.15M!!! A fat nearly half mil over asking!!! Confirmation that nice, unique SFHs in the Fab 7x7 selll very very well!!!

Great house in a great hood. Ah, wish someday I can afford one. Need to work harder… :sob:

I am sure you are fine with where you are living, Sir…

I always look at the bright side. In this case, I sure as heck wouldn’t want the great property tax bill that comes along with that great house in a great hood…

By “affording” I mean to be loaded enough to not care about that fat tax bill. It’s like “Fxxx you I am rich, come at me” kinda money.

Buy more SFHs instead of condos you just might get there…:grin:

Like that old advice how to become a millionaire: start by being a billionaire.