Gun Control

Weird that the police could watch on Facebook and weren’t able to pull him in earlier. But it’s a hard job.

Come on, even a firearms instructor got killed at a gun range no less!!!

CBP firearms instructor fatally shot at Florida gun range (

The piece seems to suggest that the recent uptick in crime is related to loosening restrictions on carrying guns.
No mention of the total war on the police over the last 3 years and emergence of “woke” DA’s - which of course, is why people are buying and carrying al those guns in the first place.

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Does the article even make a point? How many criminals are legally carrying a guy?

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Content doesn’t match headline (common these days). They say the guy has been debunked but it’s all nitpicking over nearly 30 years of work.

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Also wonder how much crime is border patrol issues - has the current administration cut back on border funding? Either way, you can’t blame an uptick on foreign crime cartels targeting our area on gun restrictions in the US. The people committing the crimes are being smuggled in anyways, no doubt with smuggled guns.

We gives guns to the Mexican army; they give them to the cartels.

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Almost all gangbangers shooting other ganbangers.