H-1B for teachers and signing bonuses?

The teachers shortage in the bay area has become so severe many school districts are offering up to 10k bonuses and recruiting overseas for H-1B teachers. Maybe when I retire I will start teaching. I already have credentials.


They may not come since the price of housing would equal to what they earn. Unless you want to be a slave…

Double teacher’s pay and I guarantee you there won’t be any shortage.

You’d have to nearly double taxes to double their pay. That or dramatically slash other government jobs. It’s amazing how many of the top 100 employers in the Bay Area are government. I think it’s 35/100.

Teachers make a lot except relative to tech salaries. .In South Lake Tahoe teachers and other government workers make $60k or more…Min wage workers make $20k…average workers make $30k…average house costs $350k…Teachers are some of the highest wage earners…In SF many teachers make more than $100k…My buddy just retired after 32 years SFDP, lieutenant on 90% of $140k pension plus full benefits at 58, He will live at at least another 32 years. How will taxpayers afford it?
Retirement benefits: 3% of final compensation per year of service at age 58, with a maximum of 90% benefit based on years of service.
All employees hired on or after January 10, 2009 will be required (pursuant to San Francisco Charter Section A8.432) to contribute 2% of pre-tax compensation to fund retiree healthcare. In addition, most employees are required to make a member contribution towards retirement, ranging from 7.5% - 13.25% of compensation

Officers always get promoted near retirement so they get max benefits. .Notice how chiefs only last 2-3 years…

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“…hard-to-fill positions in special education, math, science, dual immersion language, and for speech pathologists and school psychologists.”

Would liberal arts teachers happy that above teachers get paid more? Does that mean position for Principal, AP and Directors would be out of reach for liberal arts teachers?

Why would a math and science degree guy who can make much more money working in a tech company want to be a teacher? Please note that teachers need to attend another 2-4 years teacher diploma course. Lower pay and spend more time???

Many teachers love teaching. So for them, doing something they love and getting paid is not a bad deal. $$ is not everything. But they need to at least make enough to afford a roof over their heads.

Not a good answer, there would always be a few who love what they do.

As a part of the position, teachers from my daughter’s school come to do a home visit. The one who came yesterday was from Illinois. He said among so many things, I paid attention to what he said, that $1,500+ for rent would be killing him. He is renting an apartment with 2 other guys in South SJ. $3,600 for a 3 bed apartment.
Indeed, some teachers love their jobs, others are in there for the dole. Others should be kicked out from teaching but stick to the government/school system like ticks. You can’t fire them and they won’t go, the UNION is there for them. A police officer? Yeah…