H1B Salary

Yep. It was an open secret though even without the data.


People would deny it though. Now they can’t. Well, I guess they can but they’ll look like idiots. That doesn’t stop people from arguing in the face of data though.

When there is profit/money to be made people will argue they saw sun rise in the west. :slightly_smiling_face:

People making the bulk of the money are the high level managers & up & not the actual worker.

Thanks Jill…You saved me from clarifying some people touching this subject without knowing the why an H1B is petitioned. The rules dictate that Americans are hired first. If no pool of “qualified” individuals exists, then the visa is issued. And here it is where any company can lie and hire the most pathetic and non qualified individual because there’s nobody checking on the companies declarations that there’s nobody qualified.

I know that from a personal experience years back when the “Americans” were being kicked out from Microsoft and all around high tech world in the silicon valley.

Well, I would argue 2 things.

1- Do we really have enough smart people in the US to take these many jobs created by the high tech industry?

2- What are we doing to cut the bleeding of those jobs going to foreigners?

I met his high techie last week. I did the economic analysis, and guess what? He was earning $36K a year. It broke my heart, really. Disclaimer: He said he was working for the old high tech. :roll_eyes:

Yes. I believe there are enough smart people in the US. Whether they are willing to do such jobs? I believe lot of them are.

These outsourcing companies claim they have people who have experience. Initially few good people with experience or high IQ with aligned backgrounds are sent to take over the account. In the meantime, new grads and people with experience in some other technology are trained quickly in this technology and initially work from their home countries as support to these people sent On site. Because they are cheaper they can throw a lot more bodies to accomplish the same task which only a few bodies can do here. Later these people who are doing work from the foreign country gain experience and become “experts” & take over that particular group’s work. Meanwhile, the US company will not retrain it’s existing employees for another language or technology & the recruiter will ask for 5 years of experience for a technology which is in the market only for 2 years. (It’s one way among many to not hire local workers)

I can’t recall if anything has been done from the government side recently. Others who might be more knowledgeable can correct me if I’m wrong.

36K a year?? No way, I made 2.4X that as an intern more than a decade ago.

*Answers above apply to outsourcing companies.

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