H1B visas for......snake catchers!

Found on Facebook.

Indian snake catchers in Florida.

Man! My skin crawls watching them catching them like fish.

So much poverty all over the world. Look at these kids, grabbing snakes to sell them at the local market.

Gee! I would be so scared to even be there.

The whole Burmese pythons in the Everglades thing is a gross exaggeration. Look at how many those experts came up with - and also where they were found (mostly in places disturbed by humans and not in the pristine areas). Feral cats cause damage orders of magnitude greater. The pythons may actually be helping the Everglades by keeping the cat population down.
That being said there is certainly a market for skilled Asian snake catchers hosting American tourists who are into natural history.

A neighbor requested my help entertaining a snake enthusiast from out from Pennsylvania. I spend a half day planning and two days with the guy in April. We hit Skyline from 92 to Hwy 9, then the lowlands around Arastradero Rd. The weather was cool but I found him 12 snakes including a rubber boa (a hard find) and two rattlers.
Turns out the guy is a skilled gunsmith. I had a non-functional Martini-Henry which was made into a target rifle in Switzerland in the 1920’s. The guts of the thing dated back to the British/Zulu wars. Over 20 hours put into it with many parts having to be made from scratch in the guy’s machine shop and it’s on the way back to me now. How much is that worth? At least 2 grand. And the Martini-Henry, fully restored, went from an $800 wall hanger to probably something worth about 4k now. He had a wonderful time and refuses to take money for the work. So catching snakes for people can be good work!

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