Happy Thanksgiving to you all!




Then, black Friday comes and a Twhitler supporter ruins it for a Hmong lady.


If turkey is so great people will eat it everyday. All these special food people eat only once a year by definition sucks.


Turkey sandwiches are very popular in delis


Dude, turkey has many nutritional benefits. Come on, turkeys are a tad harder to come by than chicken but I would eat turkey for lunch every day on the day if readily available.


Turkey is healthy because it tastes so bad you will eat less of it. :smile:


LOL…Turkey is good to eat for those suffering insomnia.


I eat turkey! Good substitute when I’m not eating eggs and steaks… :rofl:


Well, red meat in moderation or cut it out altogether…


Your Primary Care Physician


Man, I just need the cholesterol and protein that’s in the steak. I don’t need the fat and the carb. Couldn’t my body choose wisely??? :rofl: