Happy Year of the Chicken!

Wish y’all a happy new year of the chicken. May we all survive the orange one…

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Same to you! Although I think Mr. Orange is technically a dog not a rooster haha.

Rooster or Chicken?

Wish you happiness no matter what. It will be great!

For liberals it’s year of the chicken. We are woke with gender neutral terms. :v:

Wish you a happy new year, liberals!

Wish you a Happy New Year wherever you are in politics!

Wish a Happy Year of the Chicken/Rooster to Trump/RHC/Gary Johnson/?/R/D/L!

Wish everyone a happy and successful 4 year team!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Thanks to myo for an all-inclusive happy new year :slight_smile:

May you all find that wonderful 4/3 with an 888 address in PA for a half a mil (private sale)!!! Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! That is the PC term :smile: Cheers everyone.

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The most PC saying is “Happy New Year!”.

“Happy Lunar New Year” is a discrimination against the Moon :sleepy:

I took me some time to figure out what LNY means this week.

Happy New Year everybody. Wish you all good health and success in 2017.