He was a hairstylist, then he found out about coding

Although I know you guys are enemies of advertising, I found this ad very informative. You can call manch to close it, but I believe it gives hopes that you can become what you want if you have the resources available.


Come on, my wife’s hairstylist makes more than an engineer and has less stress and more free time. Even though he charges what $200-$300 for a nice hair do, his calendar is booked solid. I am not complaining (she pays for it)…


I am skeptical about this kind of quick-fix “education”. The skills they learn in a couple months are most likely pretty shallow. If a downturn comes these jobs are the first to get outsourced. Heck, they may get automated as well.

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QA is not the high paying SWE job.
Is more about ego, SWE sounds better than hairstylist.

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Maybe because I used to be a software engineer? I actually think hairstylist is a much better job…

Man, you are PAID to touch women! OK, I know it’s just the hair. Let’s not get too creepy here…

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I’m too old for that. And I forgot how I feel when I was young.

Come on, OB1, a sense of work professionalism here, please???

(I am with you, @hanera, it is pathetic when I would rather get some more sleep… sorry, Sweetie, it really isn’t you, it’s me)

Speaking of automation, hairstylists will NEVER get automated away. I don’t think anyone is very keen to have robots waving sharp scissors around her head. And allow me to be sexist for a minute, women have especially high standard for their hair. It will be a long time before we can program robots to have that kind of human and artistic sense.

Dang, now you made me think about it…it would take nearly 5 YEARS worth of my $5 haircuts to get to Sweetie’s one…

This was exactly what i thought.
In addition, hair stylist won’t go away easily due to AI.
My only concern would be probably chemicals that hair stylist should use almost everyday?

I know a hairstylist is not a barber per se, but I’ve been getting my hair cut for $10+tip since 2008(yeah I’m cheap :slight_smile: ) & they haven’t been able to raise their prices yet & THAT is pretty depressing.

I have been fighting “something” I got last time I went to one of those $5.99 haircut salons. I have this type of fungus on the back of my head not going away no matter what I put on it or what I swallow, rub, whatever.

Oh well, being cheap pays in the long term…LOL

What the shell? Aren’t we talking about coding anymore? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The above probably points to why people at the lower end income are frustrated & hence we see the backlash in the elections. People who are making reasonably good money are clueless of their plight.

**OFFTOPIC>**I met a guy who was against relatively well off people because he wasn’t rich himself, however wanted to be rich in the back of his head. Invested all his money in the stock market when the stock market was already up and lost all of it when it crashed. One can’t cure stupid, whatever medication one takes. :smile: /OFFTOPIC>


Oooh, big spender…:slight_smile:

I spend 50% less (sounds more impressive, don’t it?)


Income inequality is a big problem. People may disagree whether it is an economic problem, meaning whether higher inequality leads to slower growth. But it clearly is a political problem. People are upset.

Agree is a political problem arising from human’s innate view that they are just as good as the other person or they are not that incompetent to have much lower standard of living. Paying equally is also not right as humans won’t be incentivize to work hard and contribute more, pretty clear from failure of communistic economy. So, one of the task of the government is to balance the rewards based meritocracy vs the instability of income inequality.

Since, early 1980s [going on 35+years] only the top 95th percentile have gained significantly in REAL income while the rest have stagnant income.

In my view it’s a big problem because:

  1. Multinational companies do not have a national responsibility & their responsibility is only to their shareholders(wherever they are located).
  2. Politicians, in theory should be responsible to ALL citizens who vote them in office, however they clearly haven’t been able to serve anyone other than their top 5%.
  3. That above 2 will result in chaos & unrest politically & lead to volatility with leaders such as Donald Trump & maybe a left version of Trump in the future.
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That’s not surprising. Post WW2, most industrial countries were a mess. Their factories were destroyed during the war. It was a golden era for the US due to lack of competition. Once those countries rebuilt wages kept pace with inflation.

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Based on Roy321’s chart, there is a strong correlation between the complete delink of dollar from gold with increased income inequality.