Here Comes Meg Again!

Soon to be new Uber CEO…

Well, they really are toast then.

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Exactly…not that eBay is doing much better these days…

Well, at least she puts her money where her mouth is, whereas others talk about being billionaires but are living out of taxpayer’s money.

Why not get Carly Fiorina or Marissa Mayer? They are available.

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Marissa wants the job. It’s pretty likely to be marissa.

Meg said no.

Oh… that means Marissa will get it!!!

We need someone with great business and product vision & a hustler, not necessarily a Tech visionary for UBER. To me, Marissa does not fit that bill.

Actually, I think marissa is a hustler, just not necessarily a visionary.

Visionary has left. Uber just needs a good manager now

They should go with whoever is the best at self-driving cars. They won’t survive without it. Similar to how Microsoft went with the cloud person and not someone from the windows or office business. They decided to look forward to the future instead of re-living the 80’s. Uber needs to realize self-driving cars are their only chance at profitability and do everything they can to succeed at it.

I wonder how long before they start laying off some of their 12,000 people. They are burning cash like crazy, and I imagine it’d be difficult to raise money with all the current instability. It’s not just the CEO role that’s vacant.