Here comes your chance

1.5 for fully-remodeled decent size house in Gunn High area. Charleston is a major artery so when high-speed rail construction comes through Charleston will get lowered to go under the railway (similar to Embarcadero crossing), and all the houses close to the intersection will get eminent-domained to make room for the new layout. If one can actually buy this house at 1.5, decent profits should be in sight when it’s time for the government to pay market price for this house.

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Wonder how loud Caltrain is around this intersection. I imagine it must blast its horn approaching this intersection every time.

Very loud.

Your chance to get the fortress under 2M though!

it might sell above 2 :slight_smile:

I doubt it. There’s a comp that is on the same street further from Charleston that sold for 1.9M