Here is the Attractive Deal of this Week, for the benefit of forum members

Here is the Attractive Deal of this Week, for the benefit of forum members.
I am posting here as my son refused to take this deal, for primary home (3 miles driving), even though he is eligible for it.

Even though this low priced to attract crowd, Whatever price primary buyer gets it, this has potential benefit for primary low cost as the homes (3-6 homes less sqft) around are 1.5M level sold. This may have 100k (easily) fixer work !

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Okay maybe this is a stupid question, but already 126 favorites with the post up for less than 48 hours, seems like most people already know the value for this property and thus competition will be fierce?

Sweat equity. We’re I able to afford the monthly mortgage I’d reform this place over a years time into something worthy of the surrounding comps.
Thanks for sharing jil.
Hope the majority of high rollers can’t see past the snappy sheetrock!!!

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Most of them made if favorite by the list price. This is why LP is low. Since the condition is fixed upper, except builders, flippers others will not bid with Right price.

If someone primary home seekers willing to take on 100k work, and make it nice move-in, they can easily overbid the flippers as they will not exceed beyond a certain limit.

It is easy around 100k to 150k less price after fixer work.

The schools near by this home are great in Belmont !

This will sell for 1.5M minimum. The listing price is 2012 price. No way it will sell for that little in 2016.

Did you make it? **It is sold 1.15M ** really a great deal even if fixer takes 100k.

I’ve moved my money overseas. If I had waited a month I could have saved 20k. I’m weary of all the speculative buying around here and just want to live a quiet and simple life.