Hey, Manch, Will We See Your Name Up In Lights?


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For LA also, this is an issue

I don’t believe in all cash offers. If even the almighty MarkZ is getting a mortgage, why refuse (practically) free money?

Cash offers are fishy as hell. I don’t blame the feds going after those. More often than that these people have something to hide.

All my Austin purchases are done all cash. Faster and easier for out-of-town purchases.

So, is not a surprise for a hundred million dollar Chinese millionaire to offer cash for few million dollar property.

Aaaah, scratch Manch’s name, look for hanera’s name

I’d trust cash buyers much more than I’d trust the feds any day.

Why do people believe that government is so pure while anyone and everything else with wealth is tainted?

History is littered with government malfeasance and corruption. At least as much, if not more, than wealthy individuals and organizations.