Hey, This is About Some Of Us

Apologies if this has been covered, but I thought it was really relevant and true for many of us…

Haha is my plan.

If all millennials are like me then this retirement plan wouldn’t work, haha…

My plan too.

But, when is going to be talks about rent bubble?

Question is: are you above or below the Snapchat divide?

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Stories like this will add to the political pressure to lower lending standard. I am licking my lips…

Unfortunately, a lot of your peers may not be doing as swimmingly fine as you…

I don’t use Snapchat, although I admit I am kind of the odd ball out there as most of my peers use it…

It’s disturbing to see it happening in real life, but that’s why we all aim to be landlords, right?

You should be in my generation. Millennials that I know like to dress well, drive expensive cars, fine dining and rent :slight_smile:

Me too. I told my son, a Millennials , not to rent, but own a condo, even though I offered 50% help on down payment.

He refused to buy home as he does not like to bind with a home, but preferred to have cash.

Who doesn’t like that? I do like to consider that I dress well and plan to buy a nicer car soon, but housing comes first in my books :slight_smile:

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He probably believes that he will eventually inherit all of your assets, so no need to buy a condo at the moment.

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Who is attached to family heirlooms these days? Someone already complaint on this forum about having a set of special china plates taking up too much space.

Maybe Millenials aren’t as attached to their parents jewelry as their parents are. This makes sense if women, who, let’s face it, are still working in a man’s world, tend to tone down the jewelry compared to housewives whose dress and jewelry brags about how their family is faring economically.

Personally, I don’t wear any decorative jewelry except my wedding ring. I pissed my mother off by suggesting that when she died I’d sell her jewelry (man I thought she was going to disown me). At the time, I didn’t yet have #3 who is a girl, and I sense that she will inherit all my mom’s jewelry (and then she can choose to sell it, but don’t tell my mom that).

I wouldn’t even choose to wear my mother’s jewelry if I had to. She has maybe 5 pieces that I like (two of which she’s already given to me), but the rest is big and expensive. I’m just not the kind of person to flaunt my wealth, and I would find it awkward to do so.

My mother does not have any jewelry, but even if she has some I probably won’t sell them unless I reach extreme poverty. That doesn’t mean I will wear them either, they will probably be shoved into the closet like old socks.

Are you planning to have a living trust, and GRAT for them?

Paid up all loans if you plan to have a housing mortgage.

Chinese doesn’t care about service, good food is more critical. I come from a nation that even CEOs and Ministers dress casually, so dressing is not that value.

Where is the adoption request line?


You read his mind, 100% correct !

We have a trust, he is successor trustee too !!

:laughing: :laughing: