High Tech Jobs Are Disappearing In India

I read the article but it’s still not clear to me why those jobs are disappearing…

Probably oversupply of IT graduates.

I think it’s because India isn’t the center of the tech universe as what some had thought it would become.

Current center --> Bay Area
Future center --> China

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Uh, retool… learn carpentry, plumbing, electrical. Not glamorous but certainly can be well paying once you get your own outfit.

What??!? From white collar to blue collar?? No way, jose! :slight_smile:

Dude, have you found a decent, cheap contractor lately??? Or a cheap electrician, plumber, etc??? Have you not encountered contractors that don’t show up or say well the job is too small? Again, not glamorous but one can make a more than nice living getting all dirty again. Yeah, it is not for everyone…

These people are my lifeline… I can’t survive without them and they overcharged me like no tomorrow… :sob: :scream: :sob: :scream:

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Exactly! Supply and demand at its finest again! Come on, if there were too many of them running around do you think they won’t show up or give you a sweetheart price? Come on, IT grads are a dime a dozen. You have to separate yourself from the herd to make it big…

These are backbreaking jobs that will shorten your lifespan. Much easier being white collar and sit in office all day long…

You do realize that we sitting at our desks all day is actually not a good thing for our health right? That is why I do try to hit the gym consistently at least 3x and religiously at that. Agree, extreme manual labor is not suggested. The real idea is to do it for a few years to get full knowledge and licensing then you just become the big boss. You ain’t getting your nails dirty anymore…

By interviewing some of those techies I found out they came here because the pay is 10-20 times than over there.

By the way, the same criticism thrown to people like me for coming to this country is thrown at them. If they are geniuses, what the hell they are doing here?

On my own defense, I tell people that if I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t have moved from my country of origin. Except that I didn’t have any leverage on the reasons that made me come to “America” aka the United States of America, which by the way, such name is an insult to the English language. Those who know the language may understand what I said.

Ohhh…I call the manual labor a real job. The rest of jobs are like playing Nintendo. No sweat, no bending over to pick up anything it’s a game for me.

Um… that’s not how it works. You do have to get down and dirty with your subordinates in this line of work. Unless you’re an “architect”.

It sounds like they are experiencing what people in America have for decades. The burden is on the worker to keep skills relevant. Most places trim based on performance. Some US companies have used quotas to force people into the bottom ranking.

I had my sewer lateral done fairly recently at one of my properties. Expensive. The owner and I were talking and catching up since I literally used him many, many moons ago for some plumbing thing. He is laughing and telling me that he is worth like 10-20M, owns a huge house, has too many employees and too much work and he barely graduated with his GED. Yes, the big boss may have to get dirty on occasion but it wouldn’t be to the degree of an employee. That is why you hire good people (managers, foremen) to take care of it.

It’s expensive because you went to the boss! Just think about all the overhead cost associated with paying a foreman who does no real work. Much economical to go directly to hands-on people.

Come on, do you think I am that green? I got a few estimates and he actually advised me the best. All I am saying is that there are alternate paths to a financially rewarding life. Come on, at the end of the day, we all have to deal with some kind of sheet, right? Real or not…


The article is probably overstating the job losses. Final job loss might only be 1 to 2%.

Speaking of tech in India…

IT is almost 10% of Indian GDP, that’s probably as high as it goes. And Indian IT mainly services US. With Trump, some Indian IT workers may need to find other jobs.