Highest Priced House

Which one of you is going to buy this for your next house?


I think the Manch Mansion has a nice ring to it :smiley: @manch


As they say, go big or go home!

We are flipping peanuts here… a lot of catch up to do! :grin:

You knooooow I would buy it but the 24 in the address stopped me from continuing with the ATM withdraw…:grinning:

I like the structure and driveway, but the red building to the right is probably not just the staff quarters… too close/ too much visibility for a neighbor.

SoCal > NorCal !!

I concur. I update my statement to say you should find a Manch Ranch in Tracy or further on 680 :joy:

I think NorCal people are more practical. SoCal goes for excessive grandeur. You are likely going to need 10 gardeners, 5 maids, 3 butlers, and a couple chauffeurs to maintain a mansion like that.

Err you make SoCal sound even better!

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I’m a minimalist. So NorCal fits me… :laughing:

Hong Kong is best for you :rofl:

Really? Maybe Singapore fits me better :slight_smile:

Most people have maids in Hong Kong.

I wonder if they also import maids from the Philippines in Singapore?

Philippines is more expensive. Many maids now come from Indonesia.

[quote=“wuqijun, post:11, topic:2920, full:true”]
Really? Maybe Singapore fits me better
[/quote]Square footage is too large for you :slight_smile: Nearly all new condos have a maid room :smile:

[quote=“wuqijun, post:13, topic:2920, full:true”]
I wonder if they also import maids from the Philippines in Singapore?
[/quote]Mostly from Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia. “Import”?
Officially, they are called domestic help. We use “hire” not “import” :grinning:

My ideal square footage is 1500. I think Singapore’s average sqft is maybe 150.

Type of flats in Singapore
Smallest is 388 :grinning: sqft. No official data on average size, should be somewhere between 1100-1200 sqft.

Did you learn evidence-based reasoning in school? :sweat:

Well, in a couple decades, it will be 150… :rofl:

I think you’re suitable to become a Singaporean :slight_smile:

Got to leave… will post a cartoon later

Not really. They don’t have much freedom there. You get whipped in the butt for spitting.