Hmm, Millennials Move Too Much

One of my co-workers moved to Seattle a few years ago from Livermore… She said when she first moved to Seatlte her rent was cheaper, the place was bigger, and it was super close to work. In just a few years, Seattle is more expensive than Livermore, the apartment is smaller than Livermore, and she’s not as close as she was when she first moved to Seattle.

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Is she planning to move back to SV?

No. Most people here aren’t from SV either. They are from all over the place, and they think Seattle RE is expensive. I can’t imagine they’d want to move to SV where RE is even more expensive.

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I guess, the strategy is to save… once enough, quit tech and go somewhere with good quality of life and reasonable cost of living, do something less stressful :grin:


That’s what I’m trying to do. Tech too stressful, and the age discrimination

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Speaking of Livermore:

Now it will be harder to move back to Livermore. Getting more and more $$$$$.

chance to win lottery close to 0…

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My beloved mortgage broker owns a large spread in Livermore. She loves it there… I would think it would be too hot in the summer for me…

Its not just hot… its terrible hot for me in Livermore.
I guess it’s the matter how you cope with it.
I have old friend in Livermore who mentioned at first he pretended to like it and later he accepted… From denile to acceptance.
I can’t even pretend to like heat… to hot for me too

If Livermore is too hot move to SF. Balmy 60s in July and August. You need a jacket at night.

You can install AC in your house. Livermore is pleasant now, and it’s pleasant for most of the year. Much better than Sacramanto

Going out is a thing people do, you know!

You can go out in your car and drive to Hayward which is much cooler

not as convenient.
A lot of millenials can drive to city from south bay, but they don’t.

good thing is I am mentally too old for living in the city :slight_smile:

I think Livermore climate is still much much better than Austin, NY, Miami. Tons of billionaires still live there.

If you have AC and a pool Livermore is perfect weather…Nice balmy nights

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Um, how is Bakersfield on the list? I feel like it’s one of those “pick which of these isn’t like the others” test.

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